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It's OK to F*ck Up


January 11, 2023

In Person at 942 Olive St, Eugene
Or Virtual by Zoom

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  How about stressed?  Are you constantly worried about saying the wrong thing?

You are not alone!

During this seminar, we are going to explore how failure can be the best tool for learning and growth.  We will look at how to understand your boundaries and what is a priority for you.  We will delve into what equity looks like in practice, how to measure results, and the importance of adaptability in order to sustain equitable growth.

This will be an interactive seminar where questions are welcomed, and the opportunity to learn from one another through small group discussions will be offered.

So be brave!  Take a chance!  Not everything will catch on fire.

This seminar is a special event offered in collaboration between the Women's Innovation Network and the Oregon Commission on Black Affairs.

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The Women's Innovation Network is a joint initiative between the University of Oregon and Onward Eugene. Our 2022-23 seminar series is sponsored by Klarquist Sparkman LLP.

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A Note About Gender: We intend for the words "women" and "woman" to include anyone who identifies with the word. We recognize that gender is a broad spectrum, and we aim to celebrate everyone on this spectrum. We always welcome allies and accomplices to join us.

Headshot of Siobhan Cancél, founder of Siobhan's Solutions
Siobhan Cancél
Founder, Siobhan's Solutions

Siobhan has over 20 years of experience in corporate structure and organizational management.  She is passionate about helping others and is an advocate for change.

Siobhan is the founder of Siobhan’s Solutions, and she has constructed the listening sessions and education programs within Siobhan's Solutions by working with many organizations and individuals.  Siobhan believes that equitable organizations will have a positive impact on the surrounding community and increase economic growth.  

Siobhan is very active in volunteering with local organizations such as STAND for Children, NAACP, United Way Emerging Leaders, Eugene Chamber Equity, Inclusion and Diversity committee, Relief Nursery Leadership board, and working with local individual community leaders to achieve equitable change for marginalized groups.

Siobhan also enjoys cooking and putting puzzles together in her downtime.