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Priorities and Impact



The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OVPRI) at the University of Oregon is focused on the following priorities:

  • Research excellence
  • Infrastructure to support research
  • External partnerships and philanthropy
  • Launching new interdisciplinary and disciplinary initiatives that have high potential to attract external funding and community impact

Our office is committed to increasing externally sponsored research funding, which enables discoveries and the advancement of knowledge and creative expression.


research excellence

Research Excellence

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OVPRI) recognizes and highlights the work of its faculty and staff members through awards and honors for the excellence and distinction of their work. Annual awards are presented across the array of endeavors that are essential to the mission of the university.

Michael Raymer, a professor in the Department of Physics received the innovation and impact award for his scientific leadership and lobbying efforts on behalf of the National Quantum Initiative Act. Raymer co-authored the original proposal for the $1.2 billion initiative, which promises to revolutionize everything from computing to navigation to encryption.

Outstanding Research Awards

Research Impact Statistics

UO investigators brought in a record amount in grants, contracts and competitive awards in 2019-2020.
$152.4 million
in external funding
increase from the previous year
437 grants
awarded to investigators


Monthly Award Reports

The Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation (OVPRI) provides a monthly summary of funding awards and projects at the University of Oregon.



Student Impact

The OVPRI's Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) provides undergraduate students vital participation in research. Students from across the academic disciplines can be found investigating, discovering, creating, and innovating. Research experiences allow students to explore and clarify their academic and professional goals while developing critical thinking and important workforce skills. By the numbers UROP: 

  • Provides $300K in annual student support 
  • Engages students from 48 different majors
  • Graduates award-winning alumni, including 9 NSF GRFP Recipients, 2 Goldwater Scholars, and Marshall, Fulbright, Truman, and Udall scholars* 

*since 2015

Innovation Impact Statistics

UO’s innovation metrics rose during the 2020 fiscal year as researchers continued to translate new ideas into products and services, with increases in licensing revenue, patenting, trademarking and inventions from the natural sciences.

$10.3 million
licensing revenue
UO rank in licensing per research dollar in the AAU
science-based disclosures by UO innovators


Clusters of Excellence

The Clusters of Excellence program is designed to bring the best and brightest minds in select fields to the University of Oregon to join in efforts to address some of today’s most significant challenges. The intent is to attract small groups of scholars (approximately 2-5) who will add depth and expertise in specific areas and who will connect nationally prominent academic departments to address national needs.

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