Research Core Business Services

Research Core Business Services was established in 2014. Our mission is to provide financial data and business support primarily to service centers that serve research (i.e., research core facilities).

Research Core Terms of Service

Thank You for Your interest in services from a University of Oregon (UO) Research Core Facility. UO’s Research Core Facilities provide services under standard terms and conditions in our Testing Services Agreement. Unless UO has expressly agreed otherwise in writing signed by an authorized signatory for Your organization and by UO’s Assistant Vice President for Research Facilities, the Testing Services Agreement, and its terms are incorporated into and made a part of any services provided to You, and Your organization. UO does not accept, and hereby expressly rejects, any additional or different terms You, or Your organization, submit, use, or refer to, in any Purchase Order, or otherwise. Any attempt by You, or Your organization, to vary the terms of the Testing Services Agreement is rejected unless we expressly agree to additional or modified terms in a duly signed written agreement.

If You need to request changes for consideration, and execute, our Testing Services Agreement please reach out to

Our Services:

  • Financial reporting: Monthly reports, yearly costing
  • Invoicing: Monthly
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing: coordinating procurements, product research, coordination with PCS
  • Human Resources: coordination with central HR

Our Staff:


We can be reached at