UROP Mini Grant Recipients

winter 2024 Mini-grant Recipients
Julia Albertson

Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Shifting Facilitative Interactions through Plant Life History in Response to a Density Gradient

Thomas Brugnara

Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Understanding Microbial Interactions and Precipitation Variation t

Aidan Foster-Green

Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Investigating Facilitative Interactions in Seedlings across Drought and Density Gradients

Skye Grubb

Mentor: Scott Blumenthal

Conservation of Giraffes in Uganda: Insights from Stable Isotope Analysis

Sylvia Khalil

Mentor: Matthew Barber

Inter-microbial interactions select for antibiotic tolerance in Staphylococcus aureus

Nicolas Lee

Mentor: Diana Libuda

Characterization of chromosome structure defects affected by sex-specific thermotolerance of the synaptonemal complex in Zebrafish germ cells

Alexandra McGowan

Mentor: Nicole Kurhanewicz

Characterizing PIWI/piRNA pathway component localization and abundance in the absence of PRG-1 

Walker Meyer

Mentor: William Cresko

Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance and Phenotypic Plasticity in Daphnia lumholtzi

Lyric Rosa-O'Hayer

Mentor: Raoul Liévanos and Jessica Vasquez-Tokos

The Intersection of Life Decisions and the Presence of Extreme Weather Events

Sarah Weber

Mentor: Matthew Polizzotto

Quantifying the Impact of Irrigation Management on Sediment and Streamflow in the Donner und Blitzen River

Ethan Yin

Mentor: Stephanie Wiley

The Role of Plea Bargaining in the Rise of Mass Incarceration

Tyler Zawacki

Mentor: Katelyn McDonough

Late Holocene Toolstone Use and Group Mobility at the Connley Caves, Oregon 

fall 2023 mini-grant recipients
Lilia Buckingham

Mentor: Jessica Vasquez Tokos

Food, Identity, and Socioeconomic Status: How Class Status influences Food Identity Formation

Nicholas Burns

Mentor: Jasmin Albert and Lauren Hallett

Plant Species Fitness in Response to Neighboring Competition & Pollination

Cora Canning

Mentor: CJ Pascoe

Examining Public Discourse Surrounding Celebrity Gender Transgressions

Josmarie Graciani

Mentor: Chris Doe

The Role of the Transcription Factor Hunchback in the Adult Drosophila Moonwalker Descending Neuron (MDN)

Ellie Ingraham

Mentor: Marissa Lane-Massee, Lauren Hallett

Monitoring Insect Population Dynamics in Willamette Valley hazelnut orchards through novel Integrated pest management strategies

Audrey Kirkpatrick

Mentor: Melissa Baese-Berk

Preferences towards native dialects: is there a right way to talk in Spanish?

Roxy Lee

Mentor: Jessica Vasquez Tokos

Just Passing By: The Way Skin Tone Facilitates Our Identity Formation

Zachary Marshall

Mentor: Diana Libuda

Temperature Sensitivity in the Genome of Developing Sperm

Ava Minu-Sepehr

Mentor: Jason Younker

Counter-mapping the Coos Bay Estuaries: Amplifying Indigenous and Environmental Historie

James Taylor

Mentor: Lisa Redford

Effect of neurotype identity of conversational partners on communicative success and speaking style

Megan Tuleya

Mentor: Nicole Ngo

A Case Study of Healthier Oregon’s Implementation, Challenges, & Successes

Ethan Yin

Mentor: Jessica Vasquez Tokos and Stephanie Wiley

Plea Bargaining and the Rise of Mass Incarceration in a Politically Progressive State


Winter 2023 Mini-grant recipients

Aiden Hlebechuk

Major: Anthropology Faculty Mentor: Katelyn McDonough

Project Title: Dating and Analysis of the Legacy Collection from Connley Cave 6, Oregon

Katey Williams

Major: Advertising Faculty Mentor: Bryce Newell

Project Title: A Materialist Analysis of Conservative Media, and the Legality in Profiting From Right-Wing Rhetoric

Emily Scherer

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Lucas Silva

Project Title: Maximizing Soil Carbon Sequestration: the Synergy of Enhanced Silicate Weathering and Plant Traits

William Irish, Keegan Vaughan, Logan Pearl, and Natalie North

Major: School of Music and Dance Faculty Mentor: Pius Cheung

Project Title:  Pedagogy and Performance: The Teachings of Abe-Sensei

fall 2022 Mni-grant recipents

Arden Butterfield

Major: Computer Science  Faculty Mentor: Jon Bellona

Project Title: Designing an Audio Plugin for Creative Codec Distortion

Adam Clayton

Major: Environmental Studies  Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Cavity-nesting Birds in Hazelnut Agroecosystems

Jess Gladis

Major: Environmental Studies Faculty Mentor: Mark Carey, Michael Moffitt

Project Title: Value Pluralism & Environmental Justice Disputes in the Nisqually Watershed: A Philosophical Approach to Conflict Resolution 

Rowan Glass

Major: Anthropology  Faculty Mentor: Maria Fernanda Escallón

Project Title: Weaving the Wáman Lware: Kamëntsá Reexistence in the Sibundoy Valley of Colombia

Sadie Holt

Major: Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Christopher Minson

Project Title: Blood pressure medication during extreme heat and endothelial function

Melina Mallari

Major: Media Studies  Faculty Mentor: Gretchen Soderlund

Project Title: Social Media's Influence on the Identity Reconciliation of Queer Christians

Cedar O'Konski

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders  Faculty Mentor: Melissa Baese-Berk

Project Title: Intelligibility of American Sign Language in Popular Media

Alexa Wright

Major: Psychology  Faculty Mentor: Mike Wehr

Project Title: The Effect of Ketamine on the Advancement of Early Alzheimer’s Pathology in 5XFAD Mice

winter 2022 Mini-grant recipients

Odalis Aguilar-Aguilar

Major: History Faculty Mentor: Julie Weise

Project Title: The History of PCUN and Women in the Movement 

Kobe Anthony

Major: Music Technology Faculty Mentor: Jon Bellona

Project Title: Understanding Sequencers and the Music Tracker Workflow

Sofi Forsman

Major: Marine Biology, Environmental Studies Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Discovery of Affinity Binding Partners for Controlled Protein Delivery

Natalie Kataoka

Major: Environmental Science Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Nitrogen Fixing Symbionts as a Determinant of Plant Species Coexistence in California Grasslands

Katherine Kennedy

Major: Human Physiology Faculty Mentor: Jon Runyeon

Project Title: Assessing the "Gold-Standard" MRI as a Diagnostic Tool in Osteoarthritis 

Kyra Lauersdorf

Major: English, Sociology Faculty Mentor: Matthew Norton

Project Title: Learning from James Baldwin: Developing a Socio-Literary Model for Ethical Education

Madison Studer

Major: Neuroscience Faculty Mentor: Acadia DiNardo

Project Title: Characterization of ZNFX-1 in Spermatocytes

Maya Treder

Major: General Science Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Effects of Rangeland Compost Amendments on Nematode Abundance and Diversity

fall 2021 Mini-grant recipients

Cassie Cole

Major: Public Relations Faculty Mentor: Donnalyn Pompper

Project Title: Everyone’s Business: How Social Movements Gain Local Support

Karly Fear

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Parisa Hosseinzadeh

Project Title: Computational Protein Design for Fracture Regeneration 

Henry Hochstatter

Major: Human Physiology Faculty Mentor: Marian Hettiaratchi

Project Title: Discovery of Affinity Binding Partners for Controlled Protein Delivery

Rachel Lisle

Major: Earth Sciences Faculty Mentor: Edward Davis

Project Title: Stable Isotope Analysis of Late Cretaceous Shark Teeth from the Western Interior Seaway

Alena McVicker

Major: Physics Faculty Mentor: Jayson Paulose

Project Title: Indentation of soft shell mechanics

Philip Nosler

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Diana Libuda

Project Title: Investigating the Role of Histone Methyltransferases in Heat-Stressed Sperm

Isabel Queisser

Major: Planning, Public Policy, and Management Faculty Mentor: Nicole Ngo

Project Title: The Efficacy of Diversity Training in Nonprofit Organizations 

Giovanni Ricci

Major: Pyschology Faculty Mentor: Jen Ablow

Project Title: Intergenerational Impacts of Trauma: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Salivary Oxytocin in Mothers of Infants

Maisey Schering

Major: Biochemistry and Neuroscience Faculty Mentor: Daniel Grimes

Project Title: Investigation of the Novel Left-Right Patterning Gene eml2

Phaedra Whitty

Major: Biochemistry Faculty Mentor: David Garcia

Project Title: The Role of Ribosome-Associated Protein Quality Control in a Prion-Based Epigenetic State

spring 2021 Mini-grant recipients

Blake Hardin

Major: Economics and Global Studies Faculty Mentor: Melissa Graboyes

Project Title: COVID-19 In Persons Who Inject Drugs

Zoe Haupt

Major: Psychology and PPPM Faculty Mentor: Melissa Baese-Berk

Project Title: Do we perceive when they deceive? The effect of pauses and dialect on deception detection

Nathan Malamud

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Stillianos Luca

Project Title: Simulating Dead-End State Distributions for Microbial Metabolism

Mia Niccol

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: David Garcia

Project Title: Investigating the Role of RNA Modifications in Cryptococcus neoformans

Marlee Odell

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Melissa Graboyes

Project Title: COVID-19 Quarantine Hesitancy in Lane County 

Idil Osman

Major: Psychology and PPPM Faculty Mentor: Melissa Graboyes

Project Title: Simulating Dead-End State Distributions for Microbial Metabolism

winter 2021 Mini-grant Recipients

Sofia Baldridge

Major: Planning, Public Policy and Management Faculty Mentor: Nicole Ngo

Project Title: The Effects of a Multi-Disciplinary Team for People in Recovery 

Sahana Krishna

Major: Human Physiology Faculty Mentor: Ashley Walker

Project Title: The Effect of Large Artery Stiffness on Cognitive Decline, Inflammation, and Oxidative Stress

Emily Cook

Major: Environmental Studies Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Intraspecific variation in Sandburg bluegrass (Poa secunda)'s resistance to annual grass invasion

Hossein Rajabzadeh

Major: Biochemistry Faculty Mentor: Marian Hettiaratchi

Project Title: Development of Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel for Nerve Nano-Clip Fabrication

Fall 2020 Mini-grant Recipents

Marin Nagle

Major: Architecture Faculty Mentor: Siobhan Rockcastle

Project Title: EXPLORING THE IMPACTS OF BIOPHILIC DESIGN ELEMENTS ON OCCUPANTS' BEHAVIOR AND HEALTH: The Implication of Biomorphic Forms and Visual Connections to Nature

Hunter Blaylock

Major: Human Physiology Faculty Mentor: Carrie McCurdy

Project Title: Investigating the Role of LOC105374343 in the Intergenerational Effects of Maternal Diet

Colin Kuhns

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Daniel Grimes

Project Title: Investigating a Novel Regulator of Left-Right Patterning, Clstn1

Spring 2020 Mini-grant Recipients

Stacey Andreeva

Major: Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty Mentor: Carl Brozek

Project Title: Dynamics in Metal-Organic Systems

Isabelle Cullen

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Matt Smear

Project Title: Modulation in Sniffing Behavior as a Biomarker for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Nicole Wales

Major: Physics Faculty Mentor: Eric Corwin

Project Title: Determination of the Colloidal Glass Phase Diagram

Dimitra Fellman

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Melissa Graboyes

Project Title: Oregon's Response to COVID-19: Approaches and Outcomes to Social Distancing and Testing

Winter 2020 Mini-grant Recipients

Anna Brown

Major: Biology Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Response of Soil Microarthropods to Nitrogen and Compost Treatments

Michaela Fishback

Major: Environmental Science Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Resource Allocation in Resource-Conservative and Resource-Acquisitive Serpentine Grasses and Forbs at Varying Nitrogen and Water Availability

Dakota Paulus, Katia Pramono, and Nisha Sridhar

Major: Biology, Psychology, Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Tyson Barker

Project Title: Exploring Neural Indicators of Executive Function in Early Childhood  

Justin Day

Major: Biology  Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Shifts in AMF Colonization with Compost Amendments and Precipitation Quantity

Marissa Lane-Massee

Major: Environmental Studies  Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett

Project Title: Biotic and Mechanical Treatments for Increasing Soil Moisture Retention in Willamette Valley Hazelnut Orchards 

Jazmin Cole

Major: Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Ashley Walker

Project Title: Association between a non-invasive assessment of frailty and vascular dysfunction in old mice 

Rachel Conner

Major: Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Melissa Graboyes

Project Title: World Health Organization Malaria Interventions in Africa

Nelly Noubossi

Major: Biology  Faculty Mentor: Melissa Graboyes

Project Title: The history of malaria elimination campaigns in Africa in the 1950s-1960s

Mikala Capage

Major: Biology  Faculty Mentor: David Garcia

Project Title: Hunting for prions: Using meiotic inheritance patterns in yeast cells to attribute epigenetic states to prion proteins

Fall 2019 Mini-grant Recipients

Chasen Afghani

Major: Linguistics  Faculty Mentor: Melissa Baese-Berk

Project Title: The Affects of Incentivization in Perception of Non-Native Speech

Zack Demars

Major: Journalism, Political Science  Faculty Mentor: Peter Laufer

Project Title: From 1960 to Now: Beginning a Pen Pal Program Between Oregon and Russia

Harrison Jensen

Major: Planning, Public Policy, and Management  Faculty Mentor: Nicole Ngo

Project Title: Procedural Barriers to Health Care: Applying for Coverage through the Oregon Health Plan

Maurisa Rapp

Major: Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Carrie McCurdy

Project Title: Intergenerational Effects of Western Style Diet on Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Production and DNA Damage

Shelby Saper

Major: Anthropology  Faculty Mentor: Dennis Jenkins

Project Title: Assessing Typology of Pre-Mazama Corner-notched Points in the Northern Great Basin

Kezia Setyawan

Major: Journalism  Faculty Mentor: Sung Park

Project Title: Where Do You Belong: Cultural Values and Identity Shifts in Chinese Indonesian Communities Through Migration and Assimilation

Momo Wilms-Crowe

Major: Political Science  Faculty Mentor: Dan Tichenor

Project Title:Cultivating Self-Determination: Food Sovereignty as a Challenge to Coloniality in Puerto Rico

Winter 2019 Mini-grant Recipients

Elizabeth Baach

Major: Environmental Science  Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett 

Project Title: Nitrogen Composition in Native and Invasive Plants in Relation to Ant Mounds in Serpentine Grasslands

Payton Bruni

Major: Journalism   Faculty Mentor: Peter Laufer 

Project Title: Press Freedom in Oman

Adie Fecker

Major: Biology  Faculty Mentor: Phillip Washbourne 

Project Title: Sensory Conditions Important for Social Orienting in Zebrafish

Takako Iwashita

Major: Psychology   Faculty Mentor: Dasa Zeithamova Demircan 

Project Title: How the Effects of Negative Emotions on Associative Memory Change Over Time

Bry Moore

Major: Political Science  Faculty Mentor: Dan Tichenor 

Project Title: Seeking Insite: Harm Reduction and Humanizing Drug Use

Calvin Penkauskas

Major: Biology and Environmental Science  Faculty Mentor: Lauren Hallett 

Project Title: Resolving conflict between oak conservation and organic hazelnut production

Jaycie Schenone

Major: Journalism   Faculty Mentor: Ed Madison 

Project Title: Out of Bounds

Michael Silver

Major: Finance  Faculty Mentor: Kate Harmon

Project Title: Social Isolation: Which aspects of Social Media are at Fault?

Kayla Thomet

Major: Public Relations  Faculty Mentor: Dean Mundy

Project Title: Communicating Change: A study of current and proposed communication strategies for prompting individual behavior towards ocean conservation

Sierra Webster

Major: Journalism  Faculty Mentor: Lori Shontz

Project Title: Sports Media and the Seattle Storm

Fall 2018 Mini-grant Recipients

James Andersen

Major: Scandinavian Studies   Faculty Mentor: Gantt Gurley Project Title: A Toast from the High Seat: The Feast in the Viking Age

Ricky Ede

Major: Earth Sciences   Faculty Mentor: Thomas Giachetti Project Title: Quantifying the Relationship Between Permeability and Vesicle and Fracture Characteristics in Pumice

Hannah Kruse

Major: Earth Sciences  Faculty Mentor: Thomas Giachetti Project Title: Exploring patterns in monogenetic cinder cones of Newberry Volcano, Oregon

Michelle Lo

Major: Mathematics   Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Ruef Project Title: Power Dynamics in Group Settings of Mathematics Classrooms

Publications and Presentations Affiliated with Research:

American Educational Research Association 2019 Annual Meeting

Kendra Siebert

Major: Journalism and Advertising  Faculty Mentor: Peter Laufer Project Title: An Exploration of Urban Art as Cultural Testimony Throughout Social Movements in Mexico City and Oaxaca

Nisha Sridhar & Camille Sullivan

Major: Human Physiology and Biology   Faculty Mentor: Tyson Barker Project Title: Observing Rewards, Caregiver, and Action Monitoring (ORCA)

Momo Wilms-Crowe

Major: Political Science and International Studies   Faculty Mentor: Janine Hicks (University of KwaZulu Natal) Project Title: Beyond the Ivory Tower: Contemporary South African Student Activism and its Role in Supporting Transformative Social Change

Winter 2018 Mini-grant Recipients

Shuxi Wu

Major: Anthropology and Asian Studies   Faculty Mentor: Tuong Vu
Project Title: Transnational Professionals: Global Hires, the Knowledge Economy, and the Metanational Corporation

Eamonn Needham

Major: Earth Sciences   Faculty Mentor: James Watkins
Project Title: Using Microlite Number Densities to Calibrate Ascent Rates at Mono Craters, California

Rachael Cleveland

Major: Earth Sciences  Faculty Mentor: Matthew Polizzotto
Project Title: How Mercury Concentrations and Forms Change Throughout the Watershed Affected by Black Butte Mine

Brianna Kendrick

Major: Geography   Faculty Mentor: Patricia McDowell
Project Title: Mapping Past Elevations of Pluvial Lake Chewaucan

Presentations Associated with this Project:

– Great Basin Anthropological Association, 2018 Conference

Dylan Carlini

Major: Earth Sciences    Faculty Mentor: Samantha Hopkins
Project Title: Mammal Community Structure: Oregon in the Miocene

Alex Egdell

Major: Chemistry and Biochemistry  Faculty Mentor: Ramesh Jasti
Project Title: Synthesis of alkyne substituted cycloparaphenylenes for conjugated polymers

Denae Brocksmith

Major: Dance   Faculty Mentor: Shannon Mockli
Project Title: A Thierry de May informed Screendance Project

Fall 2017 Mini-grant Recipients

Spencer Smith

Major: Human Physiology   Faculty Mentor: Teresa Chen
Project Title: Muscle fatigue in young and older adults: how can we tell?

Jennie Shen

Major: Linguistics   Faculty Mentor: Melissa Baese-Berk
Project Title: The Effectiveness of Audiovisual Training on Non-Native English Speech Perception and Production

Tristan Mistkawi

Major: Chemistry & Biochemistry  Faculty Mentor: Michael Haley
Project Title: Electronic properties of indenofluorenes and their derivatives

Jacqueline Huaman

Major: Asian Studies Program   Faculty Mentor: Kaori Idemaru
Project Title: Japanese Gendered Language and the Ideal Female Romantic Partner

Shawn Melendy

Major: Human Physiology    Faculty Mentor: Carrie McCurdy
Project Title: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a Running Fatigue Protocol and Assessment of Fatigue Induced Running Mechanic Changes

Alex Egdell

Major: Chemistry and Biochemistry  Faculty Mentor: Ramesh Jasti
Project Title: Synthesis of alkyne substituted cycloparaphenylenes for conjugated polymers

Meg Rodgers

Major: Media Studies   Faculty Mentor: Erin Hanna
Project Title: The Anti-Heroine: an Emergent Television Character Trope

Sam Beeker

Major: English & Comparative Literature  Faculty Mentor: Brendan O’Kelly
Project Title: Philosophy, Politics, and Paranoia: Pynchon and the Construction of the Postmodern Subject

Haley Segelke

Major: Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Li-Shan Chou
Project Title: Examining gait stability with a wearable accelerometer in female club lacrosse athletes

Winter 2017 Mini-grant Recipients

Aleiya Evison

Major: Ethnic Studies   Faculty Mentor: Ernesto Martinez
Project Title: Design Thinking and Social Change: Creativity as Strategy in Anti-Racist Community Organizing

Anisha Adke

Major: Biology    Faculty Mentor: Adam Miller
Project Title: The genetic basis of the first connections of the brain

Emma Silverman

Major: Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Li-Shan Chou
Project Title: Dual-Task Gait Stability Assessment Utilizing a Wearable Motion Analysis Sensor System

Geena Littel

Major: Earth Sciences and Geophysics   Faculty Mentor: Amanda Thomas
Project Title: Estimation of Spatial Variations in Seismic-wave Attenuation in Cascadia from Tectonic Tremor

Hao Tan & Colin Lipps

Major: Human Physiology    Faculty Mentor: Li-Shan Chou
Project Title: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a Running Fatigue Protocol and Assessment of Fatigue Induced Running Mechanic Changes

Kendra Siebert

Major: Advertising & Journalism  Faculty Mentor: Peter Laufer
Project Title: Latin Street Art as Political Protest

Merida Mehaffey

Major: History   Faculty Mentor: Marsha Weisiger
Project Title: Decolonization Through Collaborative Land Management: A History of Matiu Island Conservation Partnerships

Rhaine Clarke

Major: International Studies  Faculty Mentor: Yvonne Braun
Project Title: Touring Zanzibar: EnGendering Development

Fall 2016 Mini-grant Recipients

Anupama Deodhar

Major: Computer & Information Science   Faculty Mentor: Boyana Norris
Project Title: Urban Noise Mapping at University of Oregon

Austin Robinette

Major: Earth Sciences (Paleontology)    Faculty Mentor: Gregory Retallack
Project Title: Archaean Microfossils of Western Australia

Brianna Kendrick

Major: Anthropology and Archaeology  Faculty Mentor: Dennis Jenkins
Project Title: Archeoparisitology of the Paisley Caves

Chris Ableidinger

Major: Journalism and Accounting    Faculty Mentor: Kim Sheehan
Project Title: Persuasion Mockery – Consumer Recall of Self-Aware Advertisements

Lauren Amaro

Major: English    Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Wheeler
Project Title: Examining Racial Imagery in Underground Comix

Maria Sarao

Major: Biology and Spanish   Faculty Mentor: Brendan Bohannan
Project Title: Quantification of the microbiota of human skin

Nora Sawyer

Major: Biological Anthropology    Faculty Mentor: Frances White
Project Title: The Affect of Primate Seed Dispersal as Indicated by the Composition of Two Forests in Panama

Winter 2016 Mini-grant Recipients

Anisha Adke

Major: Psychology   Faculty Mentor: Dasa Zeithamova Demirican
Project Title: Aging effects on perceptual and conceptual memory: transformations from short-term to long-term memory

Catherine Mackenzie Jaffe

Major: Biology     Faculty Mentor: Brendan Bohannan
Project Title: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Microbial Ecology in Seeds: Drivers of Fusarium Abundance and Transmission in Diverse Varieties of Corn Seeds

Claire Getz

Major: Geological Sciences  Faculty Mentor: Paul Wallace
Project Title: Insights into Magma Ascent and Decompression from Diverse Pumice Fragments at the Onset of the Huckleberry Ridge Supereruption

Hanna McIntosh

Major: Biology    Faculty Mentor: Matthew Streisfeld
Project Title: Genetic architecture of local adaptation and reproductive isolation in Mimulus aurantiacus

Jocelyn Taylor

Major: Human Physiology    Faculty Mentor: Li-Shan Chou
Project Title: The Effect of Muscle Fatigue on Motion and Cognitive Performance during Obstacle-Crossing under Single and Dual-task Condition in Young Adults

Sally Elizabeth Claridge

Major: Biology  Faculty Mentor: Patrick Phillips
Project Title: Genomic Analysis of the Chronic Heat Stress Resistance Phenotype in Caenorhabditis remanei

Abel Cerros Jr.

Major: Anthropology & Ethnic Studies    Faculty Mentor: Ana-Maurine Lara
Project Title: Pedagogical Tools in Indigenous Danza Mexica

Celia Easton Koehler

Major: Geography   Faculty Mentor: Shaul Cohen
Project Title: The Collective: Assembly Based Collectives As Social Sites of Knowledge Production

Claire Aubin

Major: International Studies & Russian, East European Studies    Faculty Mentor: Julie Hessler
Project Title: How to Navigate the Postwar Justice System: A Legal Study of the Life and Trials of Ivan Demjanjuk

Awards Related to this Research Project:

2017 UO Libraries Undergraduate Research Award Winner

Perla Alvarez

Major: Anthropology     Faculty Mentor: Ana-Maurine Lara
Project Title: Pedagogical Practices in Indigenous Mexica Danza Ceremonies

Romario Garcia Bautista

Major: Anthropology     Faculty Mentor: Ana-Maurine Lara
Project Title: Danza: A Transnationalistic Identity

Fall 2015 Mini-grant Recipients

Aaron Nelson

Major: Biology     Faculty Mentor: Bitty Roy
Project Title: Fungal Endophytes in an Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Demonstrate an Ability to Colonize Wood

Abigail Marie Ross

Major: Geology     Faculty Mentor: Ilya Bindeman
Project Title: Analysis of hydrogen isotopic exchange: Lava Creek Tuff ash and isotopically labeled water

Alyssa Bjorkquist

Major: Marine Biology and Psychology     Faculty Mentor: Richard Emlet
Project Title: Sea Star Plasticity: Morphological Variation of Pisaster ochraceus in Response to Water Flux

Andrew Dean Siemens

Major: Biology     Faculty Mentor: Jessica Green
Project Title: The Effect of Different Light Wavelengths on the Dust Microbiome in the Indoor Environment

Benjamin Bachman

Major: Chemistry     Faculty Mentor: Shannon Boettcher
Project Title: Growth of Indium Gallium Phosphide on Gallium Asenide Closed Space Vapor Transport

David Michael Gallacher

Major: Human Physiology and Psychology   Faculty Mentor: Anita Christie
Project Title: Effects of a cognitivite task on motor output in young and older adults

Elizabeth Maynard

Major: Physics  Faculty Mentor: Stephanie Majewski
Project Title: Possible benefits for missing transverse energy calculation afforded by particle timing detector

Erik Ames Burlingame

Major: Biochemistry  Faculty Mentor: Philip Washbourne
Project Title: CASK drives presynaptic terminal assembly

Josiah Makinster

Major: Physics  Faculty Mentor: Hailin Wang
Project Title: Low-Temperature Photoluminescence of Single-Atomic-Layer Molybdenum Disulfide

Mai’ana Feuerborn

Major: Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Carrie McCurdy
Project Title: Effect of prenatal high fat diet on regulation of circadian rhythms

Sandra Dorning

Major: Marine Biology  Faculty Mentor: Craig Young
Project Title: The distribution and ecology of invasive ascidian Botrylloides violaceus in Coos Bay, Oregon

Sarianne Harris

Major: Human Physiology  Faculty Mentor: Christopher Minson
Project Title: Effects of Acute Passive Heat Exposure

Selina Robson

Major: Geology  Faculty Mentor: Samantha Hopkins
Project Title: Something to chew on: Diet and dental morphology of extinct hyenas

Taylor Dodrill

Major: Biology and Anthropology  Faculty Mentor: Scott Fitzpatrick
Project Title: Osteological Analysis of Unprovenienced Human Remains from Petite Mustique, Grenadines

William Crowley

Major: Chemistry  Faculty Mentor: George Nazin
Project Title: Fabrication of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Tips