Industry Sponsored Research

The University of Oregon is home to world experts in fields ranging from green nanotechnology to education science. Inventors and developers across our campus have created innovative work that is ready to be put to use in research and in the marketplace. We invite investors and industry to work with us in mutually beneficial partnerships to bring UO innovations to the world.

Sponsored research requires approval of the university researcher, their department head, and other interested parties at the university. See our Process Overview to learn about the university contracting process and terms. See our sample Sponsored Research AgreementMaterial Transfer Agreement, and a sample Non-Disclosure Agreement. Sponsored research options include: 


    Commercial—I want my company to have commercial access to the technology:

    • Non-exclusive commercial license
    • 15% upfront fee for Oregon companies 
    • 20% for out-of-state companies

    Exclusive Commercial Position—I want my company to be the only one that leverages the technology commercially:

    • Exclusive commercial license or assignment (with grant backs to UO) 
    • 75% upfront fee

    Option—This is early, let's see what happens

    • Internal research use license and option to negotiate a license for commercial rights to project technology

Industry Sponsored Research is handled by the University’s Industry, Innovation, and Translation (IIT) in coordination with Sponsored Projects Services, which are units of the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. IIT Associate Director Orca Merwin is the UO's Information Asset & Industry Agreements Administrator and main contact for industry sponsored research agreements. 

For a quick tour of UO innovations available for license, browse our Innovation Catalog or Express Licensing Portal.

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