License Our Innovations

Industry, Innovation, and Translation (IIT) manages licensing of UO innovation, which ranges from monoclonal antibodies to smart phone software. 

The University of Oregon is committed to socially responsible licensing, including considering provisions that address unmet needs, especially those of neglected patient populations or geographic areas, with particular attention given to improved therapeutics, diagnostics and agricultural technologies for the developing world.

Our objective is to optimize the likelihood that new knowledge will be used for the public good, whether locally or globally. The following elements are important considerations in licensing UO innovation:

  • Development of the innovation for society's use and benefit.
  • Sharing financial return in recognition of the contributions made by innovators and the institution, so that resources may be reinvested to fuel the innovation ecosystem.
  • Management of potential conflict of interest.
  • Continued right to publish the results of research.
  • Risk undertaken by company (indemnification).

IIT licenses patents and patent applications to both established companies and faculty start-ups.  We establish monetary compensation terms that are fair and appropriate. IITstrives to build the compensation structure of our licensing deals in a way that best fits the needs of the innovation and the needs of the company.

At the same time, IIT ensures that license language allows the institution and inventors to produce and use the invention or process for their own educational or research purposes, and the inventor is able to publish the findings of research and to continue with research related to the process or invention including publication of future findings.