Four women participate in a panel for the women's innovation network seminar series. One woman has a small child on her lap and another woman is speaking into a microphone. A moderator is seated to the right of the panel. The audience is seen in the foreground of the image.
Women's Innovation Network

2022-23 Seminar Series

The Women's Innovation Network seminars help attendees build skills to navigate gender-based barriers to launching and sustaining businesses and to bringing research to market.

Our seminars are hands-on learning opportunities to explore and discover with a caring community. Seminars are presented by leaders in company formation, fundraising, business pitches, grant writing, rhetoric and pragmatics, and public-private partnerships.

The Women's Innovation Network is a joint initiative between the University of Oregon and Onward Eugene. Our 2022-23 seminar series is sponsored by Klarquist Sparkman, LLP.

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A Note About Gender: We intend for the words "women" and "woman" to include anyone who identifies with the word. We recognize that gender is a broad spectrum, and we aim to celebrate everyone on this spectrum. We always welcome allies and accomplices to join us.

That's a Wrap!

We've finished our seminar series for 2022-23 and will post our 2023-24 seminars soon.

Our 2021-22 Seminar Series

#LadyBoss Founder Panel: October 2021

Business as a Process: November 2021

Making Quality Connections: December 2021

Telling Your Story: January 2022 A Case Study in Doing Everything Wrong: February 2022

The Landscape of Intellectual Property: March 2022

The Importance of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone: April 2022

Community Resources: May 2022