When is an EPCS record required?

Institutional Proposals submitted for External Funding require review and approval by Sponsored Projects Services

EPCS Records ARE required for:

  • New Proposals
  • Competing Continuation / Renewal (treated as new)
  • Supplemental Proposals
  • Preliminary Proposals, White Papers, Letters of Intent that require detailed budget information (the EPCS record serves as a placeholder for the full proposal submission)
  • Revisions (revised proposal and/or revised budget information is being submitted to the external sponsor)
  • Re-submissions
  • Revised Awards (revised awards which require signature and an increase in funding)
  • Received Awards (award received but EPCS record not previously created)

For new funding not previously approved in an EPCS record, please create a new or revised record to capture funding not previously approved EPCS records. For assistance, contact your Pre-Award SPA to help you navigate this process.

EPCS Records are NOT required for:

  • Preliminary Proposals, White Papers, Letters of Intent that do not require detailed budget information
  • Individual Awards that are not administered by the UO or by the UO Foundation
  • Gifts
  • No Cost Extensions
  • Progress Reports (an EPCS record is not required for Progress Reports of the following types: RPPR, PHS 2590, MYF progress reports submitted to NIH / DHHS / CDC; and Progress reports containing financial data which require review by SPS, but are not requesting additional funding. Examples include Progress Reports submitted to USDE, DOJ, and US Army)

All proposals and reports containing financial reporting and requests require review by your SPS SPA prior to submission to the sponsor.