Hui Undergraduate Research Scholars

The Hui Undergraduate Research Scholars program complements efforts at the University of Oregon to broaden participation in research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This 12-month program supports students from historically marginalized communities to engage in research, receive financial support, and participate in professional development activities that will enhance their research experience.  Fellowship recipients will receive a $15,000 fellowship award and participate in professional development activities focused on career preparation, research communication, soft skill development, and other enrichment activities.

The program is open to undergraduate students majoring in a STEM discipline and previous research experience is not required to apply.

The Hui Undergraduate Research Scholars program is made possible through the generous support of University of Oregon alumni Tom and Cathy Hui.


Program Timeline



Application Available

October 23

Application Deadline

Students: February 4 @ 11:59 pm

Mentors: February 11 @ 11:59 pm

Application Review Period

Late February and early March

Scholars Selected

Early-to-mid March

Program Start

Beginning of Spring 2024 Term

Program End

End of Winter 2025 Term



How it Works

For the purposes of this program, students that meet the eligibility criteria apply from two categories:

  • (A) students currently involved in research
  • (B) students not currently involved in research

Students from category A will continue in their current lab, if selected. Students from category B will go through a matching process, if selected. The cohort of scholars will begin their fellowship period at the start of spring term and continue for 12 consecutive months.

Matching Process

Once selected into the program, students that are not currently conducting research will participate in a matching process that will involve reviewing project proposals, prioritizing based on interests and perceived skill alignment, and interviews, to determine a fit.



  • The program provides a $15,000 fellowship award that will be paid out over the course of the 12-month period.
  • Participation in professional development, career preparation, and research communication activities as part of a cohort.


  • Program mentors receive $1,000 in research support that is designated for research project expenses. Eligible expenses include supplies, materials, equipment, and other costs related to conducting research
  • Supervisory and leadership experience.

Fellowship Award Details

  • The total value of the fellowship award is $15,000. The award will be distributed at the beginning of each term during the fellowship period. 
  • IMPORTANT: If you are receiving federal financial aid, this award may affect your financial aid eligibility. Students who receive federal aid have a responsibility to report all awards earned to the UO Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships for more information.



This program is designed to broaden participation in research, so priority/preference is given to students from historically marginalized communities in STEM research. No prior research experience is necessary to apply, and students not currently involved in research will be matched with projects/mentors.

  • No prior research experience is necessary.
  • Major in a STEM discipline.
  • Must have achieved sophomore class standing (UO definitions of class standing). 
  • Must be an enrolled undergraduate student at the University of Oregon during the entirety of the program year.
  • Undergraduate students may not be paid to conduct research through other internal UO research support programs during the same fellowship period. 
  • Member of a historically marginalized community in STEM research:
    • Hispanic or Latino
    • American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Asian
    • Black or African American
    • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
    • Two or more races
    • Women
    • First-generation
    • Demonstrated financial need


Mentors should meet the qualifications listed below. We are particularly interested in proposals from members of historically marginalized communities in STEM research.

    • TTF or NTTF in STEM discipline
    • Postdoctoral Scholars/Fellows in STEM discipline
    • PhD candidates in STEM discipline


Undergraduate Students

  • Commit regular effort to conducting research:
    • Winter term: ~10 lab hours per week
    • Spring term: ~10 lab hours per week
    • Summer: full time in the lab for the entire summer
    • Fall term: ~10 lab hours per week
  • Participate in cohort activities (professional development and social).
  • Share the results of your research at the UO Undergraduate Symposium.
  • Acknowledge the Hui Undergraduate Research Scholars program in all work resulting from research during the program.
  • Notify the program administrator immediately of other support or of any conflicts with the eligibility and/or restrictions of this fellowship.
  • Notify the program administrator of any publications or conference presentations that are associated with your research project.


  • Participate in orientation, training, and semi-regular meetings related to the program
  • Provide progress reports and evaluations as requested by the program


Make sure that you meet all of the eligibility criteria outline above before proceeding.

Step 1

Undergraduate Students

  • Preview a PDF version of the application.
  • Complete the online application. (application closed)


  • If you are already mentoring an undergraduate student who is planning to submit an application to the program, please indicate so in the appropriate section in the application.
  • You will also be asked to indicate whether you wish for your project to be considered for other scholars if your undergraduate is not selected.
  • Preview a PDF version of the application.
  • Complete the online application

Step 2

Undergraduate Students

  • Applicants are required to have one letter of recommendation from a faculty member that is familiar with your academic background and/or research experience. If you are currently involved in research, your letter may come from the PI of your lab. Request that your letter writer complete the letter of recommendation worksheet submit the completed worksheet to
  • Letters of recommendation are due at the same time as the other undergraduate application components. 
  • Under the federal law titled the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and according to the University of Oregon Student Record Policy, registered students are given the right to inspect their records, including letters of recommendation and teacher recommendations. If the student wants to waive their right of access to this recommendation, they may do so by completing a waiver form.


  • Ask your PI to send an email to giving their approval for you to submit a project for consideration and confirming your full year of availability to mentor an undergraduate student.

Step 3

Undergraduate Students


  • No further action needed.


Contact Karl Reasoner at