Pivot Funding Database

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The university has a subscription to the online funding database tool Pivot, which allows you to:

  • create specific, continuously updated searches for opportunities that align with your research projects
  • search for internal funding opportunities
  • see UO deadlines for limited submission grants
  • collaborate with your colleagues at the university and across the globe

5 Simple Steps to Set Up and Use Pivot

  1. Create/Login to your account
  2. Claim and update your profileClaiming and keeping your profile updated enables better funding opportunity matching. It also increases visibility for you and your institutions, so you are more easily discovered by other users and potential collaborators.
  3. Search, save and share funding searches
  4. Set alerts and manage your preferences
  5. Collaborate: Create groups of people from profile search results for easy opportunity collaboration.

Pivot Resources

Get Started

To get you started, RDS has created curated searches based on general search criteria targeting broad academic disciplines. Click on one of the buttons to explore a list.