Graduate Student Research

The resources on this page provide information on the steps, policies, and processes for seeking financial support for graduate student research.

Reasons to Apply for Research Funding

  • Travel to research sites/ fieldwork
  • Books/ journal subscriptions
  • Data collection and preparation/ data analysis
  • Software or equipment
  • Costs in preparation of the final dissertation document
  • Fellowships to cover living costs while completing a dissertation
  • Partnering with a faculty member on their grant application/ project

Grant Planning and Proposal Development at UO

In order to be successful in grant planning and proposal development, you must both understand the processes you'll be navigating at the UO as you prepare your application, and understand how long it can take to prepare. Below are resources to help.

If you want to take a deep dive into the application processes at UO, you can find detailed information on the OVPRI's webpage dedicated to preparing an application. 

Tools and Resources

Important Policies and Procedures

  • Human Subjects Research: If your proposed project involves human subjects research, you will need to apply for review and approval of your research plan or exemption for review with the university's Institutional Review Board. 
  • Internal Tracking of Proposals: As part of proposal review and approval, an Electronic Proposal Clearance (EPCS) record must be made, as well as completed and finalized a minimum of three business days before your proposal's due date.
  • Submitting Proposals: All proposals for external funding that will come to the UO must be reviewed and approved by Sponsored Projects Services