Graduate Student Research

The resources on this page provide information on the steps, policies, and processes for seeking financial support for graduate student research.

Reasons to Apply for Research Funding

  • Travel to research sites/ fieldwork
  • Books/ journal subscriptions
  • Data collection and preparation/ data analysis
  • Software or Equipment
  • Costs in preparation of the final dissertation document
  • Fellowships to cover living costs while completing a dissertation
  • Partnering with a faculty member on their grant application/ project

Tools and Resources

Important Policies and Procedures

  • Human Subject or Animal Research: Those engaging in research that involve people or animals must follow special rules. Please see the Human Subjects webpage and Animal Welfare Services webpage for more information.
  • Principal Investigator Status at UO: Graduate students applying to grants that are specifically geared toward students are eligible to apply with no special or extra process. But if you are seeking to be a Co-Principal Investigator with a UO Faculty as lead, there are some extra steps you'll need to take. Please see UO's Principal Investigator Policy for more details.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Many parties at the university support the process of applying for funding from agencies outside the UO. Please see the OVPRI webpage on Roles and Responsibilities to learn more.