External Funding Opportunities

To receive funding from external sources, you first have to find funders whose eligibility,  criteria, philosophies, and funding focus  align  with you and your project. Our Research Development Services (RDS) unit is here to help you identify appropriate funding opportunities for your research. Below are some resources and starting points for your search.

COVID-19 Related Funding

This page contains links to opportunities for federal funding related to COVID-19 in the form of new grans and also supplements, as well as announcements and FAQ pages from a variety of federal agencies.

Funding Opportunities Newsletter

The Funding Opportunities Newsletter, helps UO faculty identify external funding opportunities and develop proposals. It is distributed weekly and provides a sample of announcements and solicitations that RDS staff identify as broadly interesting to the UO research community. Please visit our Funding Opportunities Sign-up Page.

Funding Search Database

UO subscribes to Pivot, an external-funding search tool that has thousands of funding opportunities from federal, state, and private foundations from around the United States and the world. Please visit our Pivot help page for more information about how to sign up, claim your profile, and begin your searches.

Limited Submission Opportunities

Some opportunities limit the number of applications allowed from the university. If you find a Limited Submission Opportunity, please be sure to follow the policy for internal submissions and deadlines.

Private Foundations

If in your search for funding you find a private foundation to which you want to apply, be sure to also reach out to  Vidusha Devasthali  and  Mackenzie Karp  of UO Foundation Relations, as they support faculty applications to private foundations.

Federal Funding Agencies

Links to funded Federal awards

Looking at what has been funded by an agency in the past can be a good way to get an idea as to whether an agency might be interested in your research plan. Below are links to the agency websites that list past awards.