OVPRI Institutional Commitment Policy and Request Process

In support of growing our research enterprise, the OVPRI’s goal is to contribute to cost sharing mandated by a sponsor or institutional support required to significantly enhance competitiveness for a proposal. Here, we articulate the guiding principles for evaluating requests by faculty for mandatory cost share or institutional support, as well as the process to submit a request for OVPRI support (see form below). 

Please refer to Sponsored Project Services guidance and definitions of different types of commitment (institutional support, mandatory cost share, etc.). Note some types of cost share require additional approval.

Principles Guiding Funding Commitment Requests

  1. OVPRI funds to contribute to mandatory cost sharing and/or institutional support are limited. Priority will be given in instances where cost sharing is mandated by the sponsor.
  2. OVPRI funds will be considered for proposals that maximize Facilities and Administration (F&A) return at the prevailing research rate. Exceptions will be made in instances of sponsor-restricted F&A (i.e., T32 grants) or to support externally sponsored research in disciplines without significant sponsored research portfolios.
  3. The home and/or administering unit(s) for participating faculty are expected to contribute to the overall cost sharing and/or institutional support commitment given that benefits accrue to the faculty member(s) unit, in addition to advancing the research enterprise as a whole. Given the ICC return to administering units, we aim to achieve a roughly 75% to 25% split between OVPRI and administering units in cash match contributed. Note: We expect that you will have notified your unit leadership of this request and confirmed any commitments from that unit prior to submitting a request to OVPRI.
  4. OVPRI cost sharing and/or institutional support will be prioritized for 1) tuition, insurance, and fee waivers for Graduate Employees, and 2) equipment that will be placed into core facilities.
  5. Additional cost sharing funds and/or institutional support beyond sponsor-mandated contributions will be considered in instances where 1) the Request for Proposal specifically identifies institutional contribution amount as a relevant, scored criteria and/or 2) institutional support is essential to enhance the competitiveness of a proposal.

Request Process

  1. Requests for OVPRI commitment must be confirmed in advance of proposal submission.
    • We expect that any requests be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the proposal deadline. If you require only a letter describing institutional support (no resource requested), you must submit your request to Research Development Services at least 7 business days in advance of the proposal deadline.
    • Note: If you anticipate a significant request to multiple units, please reach out to Research Development Services to help coordinate discussions with relevant leadership. This can be done before submission of the form below.
  2. Applications including OVPRI commitment must ultimately be approved and submitted to the funding agency by Sponsored Project Services.
  3. The UO typically only provides cost sharing when clearly stated in specific program funding announcements. Requests for voluntary cost sharing (not required by the funder but listed in the grant budget or narrative) are rarely approved, except for NIH over-the-cap. If you request voluntary cost share, you must submit the form below, as well as complete and submit the Request for Cost Share Approval Form.
  4. Note: As per an institutional MOU, the OVPRI only funds Graduate Employee waivers (tuition, insurance, fees) at CAS rates. Please make sure to use CAS rates if your request to OVPRI includes GE waivers as part of the match or institutional support. 
  5. Requests for OVPRI commitment must be made through the form below.

Request Form