Budget and Proposal Preparation for Sponsored Awards

The training resources on this site will assist you with:

  • Getting started with frequently used terminology in sponsored projects.
  • Proposal preparation to ensure basic compliance for submission.
  • Developing sponsored projects proposal budgets. 
  • Learning how cost share is managed from planning to documenting.

We are available to provide personalized presentations upon request. Please email us to request a consultation.

On-Demand Trainings

common terminology (11 minutes)

Are you new to sponsored project administration at the UO? Learn the frequently used terminology to set a solid foundation for our training modules to improve comprehension.

preparing a complete proposal:


Tools, Tips & timelines (33 min)

Competition for grant funding increases every year. As a result, if a proposal does not pass basic compliance checks, it may be returned before the scientific merits are considered. This session will address what we as research administrators can do when assisting faculty during the proposal preparation process to ensure applications are complete so they proceed forward for merit review.

At-Request Trainings

The following training sessions are available at-request for research teams, departments, and other small groups and can be delivered in-person or remotely via Zoom.  Please contact RISE@uoregon.edu to request a training session tailored to your needs. 

Basic budgeting for sponsored projects

This session provides a how-to guide and toolbox for creating sponsored project proposal budgets. We will explore UO and sponsor guidelines for building budgets, and standard budget categories including base salaries, fringe benefit / OPE rates, supplies and services, equipment, travel, subawards, indirect / F&A rates, and more! A detailed training deck is available in our Canvas module. Need access?  Send us an email to gain access to the on-demand training suite.


Budgeting for Fixed Price Contracts

Applied budgeting for Sponsored projects

This workshop provides hands-on experience building budgets for sponsored projects by utilizing real-life scenarios and our online templates. We will tackle institutional base salaries, cost of living adjustments (COLAs), salary caps, graduate employees (GEs), participant support, subawards, and other advanced topics.  

Recommended prerequisite: Basic Budgeting for Sponsored Projects

cost sharing: What, Why & How

What is cost sharing? Why do we cost share? How do we manage cost share from the proposal to closeout? In this session, we cover what is (and what isn't) cost share, and follow it from pre-award to post-award to closeout. We will also discuss the different responsibilities of the unit and Sponsored Projects Services within this process. If you have sponsored awards with cost-share requirements, this course is for you!

Recommended prerequisite: Costing Principles for Sponsored Projects - in External Award Management module