External Award Management

The training resources on this site will assist you with:

  • Frequently used terminology in sponsored projects.
  • How to determine the allowability of costs by using costing principles.
  • Access study resources to aide in your efforts to earn your CRA credentials.
  • How to assist with the PI transfer process.
  • Best practices for managing external awards.
  • Learning the mechanics of cost share from pre-award through post-award.
  • Learning the rules and regulations governing travel costs.
  • Closing out awards once the project or funding has ended.

We are available to provide personalized presentations. Please email us to request a consultation.

On-Demand Trainings

common terminology (11 min)

New to sponsored projects at the UO? Set a strong foundation by learning frequently used sponsored projects terminology in this short video. An expanded handout is also provided on Canvas.

costing principles for sponsored projects  (20 min)

Congratulations on the new award!  Now what?  How do we make sure we are charging items to the project correctly? In this session, we will learn about the direct charging standards and cost accounting principles that govern what we can charge to a sponsored award.  This is a critical piece of research administration and being good stewards of sponsor funds! 

certified research administrator (CRA) study Materials

Find UO specific training materials and access to Virginia Tech's Certified Research Administrator Study team materials/videos to help you prepare for the certified research administrator (CRA) exam. Or use the resources to better understand the full lifecycle of sponsored projects management.

pi transfer process (90 min)

This presentation from the 2021 NCURA Conference provides the framework you need to know to prepare for incoming and outgoing Principal Investigators (PIs). If there is a researcher in your unit that is moving to a different institution, or one coming from another institution to the UO and they are listed as a PI or Co-PI on active awards, this educational opportunity will help you stay on top of the process to ensure the project can continue.

PI Transfer Process NCURA 2021 Presentation Handout

At-Request Trainings

The following training sessions are available at-request for research teams, departments, and other small groups and can be delivered in-person or remotely via Zoom.  Please contact sponsoredprojects@uoregon.edu to request a training session tailored to your needs. 

Banner Screens for Research Administration

The UO's accounting system, Banner, has specific screens that are used to manage sponsored projects. See the step-by-step guide linked below for guidance on the most common screens used and reach out if you have questions or want a live tutorial.

Banner 9 Screens for Research Administration

closeouts for sponsored projects

Every successful project deserves a successful closeout. Join us to discuss roles and best practices for the closeout of a sponsored project. This session covers action items for departmental administrators as we move from final review and reporting to Banner closeout, focusing on the coordination with post-award to ensure a timely close.

cost sharing: what, why & How

What is cost sharing? Why do we cost share? How do we manage cost share from the proposal to closeout? In this session, we cover what is (and what isn't) cost share, and follow it from pre-award to post-award to closeout. We will also discuss the different responsibilities of the unit and Sponsored Projects Services within this process. If you have sponsored awards with cost-share requirements, this training is for you!

Recommended prerequisites: Costing Principles for Sponsored Projects on-demand video

financial management of awards

In this session, we discuss best practices for departmental financial management of awards. Specifically, we will discuss monitoring of key categories including spending, cost sharing, and effort tracking. We will also demonstrate the helpful screens and reports available in Banner as they relate to sponsored project management.

Financial Management of Awards Presentation Deck

Cognos Reports for Research Administration

How to Identify a Sponsored Project Index

travel on sponsored projects

This session takes a closer look at travel on sponsored projects, including: understanding the Federal rules for travel on sponsored projects, locating award-specific travel restrictions, learning the details of the Fly America Act, and discussing tips for streamlining travel processing on sponsored projects. This session is recommended for anyone who is involved with travel on sponsored projects.

Recommended prerequisites: BAO Travel Policy course