UO Opportunities in College of Education

HEDCO Institute Undergraduate Scholars Program

Overview: The HEDCO Institute Undergraduate Scholars Program is a multidisciplinary program designed to support future generations of educators, education researchers, and outreach and communication specialists. Our program will provide students with rigorous training in research synthesis, effective evidence translation, and/or fostering research-practice partnerships with the ultimate goal of increasing the use of evidence-based practices in K-12 education.

Website: HEDCO Institute Undergraduate Scholars Program 

Behavioral Research & Training Labs

Overview: Behavioral Research and Teaching is comprised of a small group of researchers conducting research and development in student academic assessment. The shop is funded from federal grants and state contracts and is comprised of faculty, staff, and students committed to the development of effective educational programs for all students.  Contact BRT if you’re interested in getting involved.

Website: Behavioral Research and Teaching Lab 

McNair Scholars Program

Overview: The McNair Scholars Program (TRiO) prepares qualified juniors and seniors for graduate study leading to PhD degrees. McNair Scholars receive comprehensive support to earn undergraduate degrees, complete research projects in their fields of study, and apply to graduate schools. The program’s limited size provides a close-knit community while helping students gain a broad understanding of research and university culture.

Website: McNair Scholars Program 

CURE Student Travel Grants

Overview: 10 awards of $500 will be provided each year to students for the purpose of travel for research or a conference.

Website: CURE Student Travel Grants 

CURE Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Overview: $4,000 Student Summer Research Fellowships will be provided to five students each year.

Website: CURE Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships