UO Opportunities in the Natural Sciences

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Biology

Overview: Bioscience laboratories at the University of Oregon host cutting-edge research that offers outstanding opportunities for participation by undergraduate students. In addition to providing training in experimental methods and logic, participation in hands-on research synergizes with coursework, provides skills to secure post-graduation employment, and can help students decide among various career paths.

Website: Undergraduate Research in Biology at the University of Oregon 

REU in Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science

Overview: This program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to step-into a research role often provides them a foundational opportunity to test their knowledge and to begin learning to overcome the challenges of the trial-and-error nature of research.

Website: Research Experience for Undergraduates

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computer Science

Overview: Research Labs represent a different type of experience for students that can supplement the undergraduate curriculum. Students involved in undergraduate research work on cutting-edge scientific problems as part of a team comprising research faculty, Ph.D. students, M.S. students and undergraduates. Students can participate in research for research credit, thesis credit, paid research, and/or career enhancement.

Website: Computer Science Research Opportunities

Chemistry Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Overview: The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry encourages well-prepared students to consider the possibilities of pursuing an undergraduate research project. Before enrolling in undergraduate research (CH 401) the student needs to consider the extent of his/her background and future interest in science. While this can prove to be an exciting option for undergraduate majors in chemistry and biochemistry, it is not one that should be taken lightly, for the research experience presents responsibilities both to the student and for the instructor.

Website: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Research 

Ecosystem Workforce Program

Overview: Students from a diversity of departments across campus at the University of Oregon work with EWP faculty to assist with EWP research, collaborative project coordination, web design and maintenance, and general office support. We provide practical project experience through graduate fellowships, paid and undpaid internships, work study employment, and by serving as student research advisors and committee members on relevant thesis topics. These opportunities advance students’ understanding of the ecosystem workforce and analytical skills through participation in EWP projects.

Website: Ecosystems Workforce Program Student Experience

Environmental Leadership Program

Overview: The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary service-learning program housed in the University of Oregon Environmental Studies Program. We match student teams with non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and businesses to address local environmental needs. Our students gain leadership, communication and professional skills by engaging directly in applied problem-resolution while providing valuable assistance to our community partners.

Website: Environmental Leadership Program

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Physics

Overview: This is not a research program that you apply to; it is the Physics department’s website that provides guidance to students interested in conducting research.

Website: Undergraduate Research Programs in Physics

Human Physiology Undergraduate Research Assistants

Overview: Faculty within the department have students working as Undergraduate Research Assistants in their labs. Interested students may complete an online application.

Website: Human Physiology Research Opportunities 

Students of Color Opportunities in Research Environment (SCORE)

Overview: SCORE is an academically based hand-on research club designed for students who underrepresented in the Life Sciences. The program consists of weekly workshops designed to teach students basic laboratory techniques. The primary goal of the program is to enable each student to gain confidence with a scientific skill set which will lead to undergraduate research and professional development opportunities.

Website: Students of Color Opportunities for Research Enrichment 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Psychology

Overview: This is not a research program that you apply to; it is the Psychology department’s website that provides guidance to students interested in conducting research.  Research opportunities for undergraduates can be found on the Blackboard course site called Psychology. Being a research assistant (and earning PSY 401 credit) is highly advised for any student interested in going to graduate school! The projects are fun, good experience and can lead to further opportunities such as an honors thesis or employment opportunities.

Website: Department of Psychology Research Opportunities

McNair Scholars Program

Overview: The McNair Scholars Program (TRiO) prepares qualified juniors and seniors for graduate study leading to PhD degrees. McNair Scholars receive comprehensive support to earn undergraduate degrees, complete research projects in their fields of study, and apply to graduate schools. The program’s limited size provides a close-knit community while helping students gain a broad understanding of research and university culture.

Website: McNair Scholars Program

Exploration of Marine Biology on the Oregon Coast (REU)

Overview: The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology’s research experience for undergraduates program, “Exploration of Marine Biology on the Oregon Coast” (EMBOC) offers fellowship opportunities for undergraduate students from both 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities to participate in ongoing marine science research at the University of Oregon’s marine lab during the summer months. In addition to conducting research at OIMB, students participating in the EMBOC program will participate in weekly professional development discussions and training sessions, social activities, field trips and marine biology seminars.

Participating students receive a $500/week stipend ($4500 total for 9 weeks, paid monthly). Travel to and from OIMB is covered. In addition, room and board will be provided at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology for the duration of the 9-week EMBOC program.

Website: Exploration of Marine Biology on the Oregon Coast

CURE Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Overview: $5,000 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships will be provided to five students each year.

Website: Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement 

CURE First Year Research Experience

Overview: $5000 summer research experience for first-year students.

Website: First Year Research Experience (FYRE) Award