UO Opportunities in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS)

Overview: Fellowship opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students in foreign language and/or international studies.  The goals of the fellowships include: development of knowledge, resources, and trained personnel for modern foreign language and area/international studies; attainment of foreign language acquisition and fluency; and creation of a deepening pool of international experts to meet national needs.

Website: Center for Asian and Pacific Studies 

Nomad Mentorship Program (NOMAD)

Overview: The Nomad program offers energetic undergraduate scholars the chance to hone their critical chops, refine their research skills and receive the kind of intensive, one-on-one mentoring that will help to mature life-long writing skills, and develop confidence in young scholars. Under the close mentorship of participating graduate students and faculty, students are supported through the process of conceiving, refining, writing, and editing their work over a nine month period, preparing their work for publication in the nomad journal, and presentation at the annual Nomad Undergraduate Conference.

Website: Nomad Mentorship Program 

The Kidd Workshops

Overview: A unique studio experience in which students pursue their passion for creative writing. Students enter one of two tracks: fiction or poetry. They then workshop their creative work in small classes with the support of peers and a graduate mentor. They also learn to read like writers, analyzing literature as part of a rigorous critical discourse. Students attend lectures by visiting writers and Creative Writing faculty, with the opportunity to engage with critically acclaimed working writers.

Website: Walter and Nancy Kidd Creative Writing Workshops 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Political Science

Overview: This is not a research program that you apply to; it is the Political Science department’s website that provides guidance to students interested in conducting research. The PS 401 Research course is a self-directed study course that allows students the opportunity to explore an area of interest outside of courses. This opportunity is actively communicated to students and encouraged by the department. Approval is necessary to receive credit.

Website: Political Science 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Linguistics

Overview: This is not a research program that you apply to; it is the Linguistic department’s website that provides guidance to students interested in conducting research. Faculty research ranges from documenting understudied languages in far flung reaches of the world to working with typically developing English speaking children who live right here in Eugene. Students who are interested in getting involved in research are encouraged to talk with faculty members who inspire them. There are also frequently standing research opportunities in many of the labs listed below. Go ahead and click on a link to explore the different kinds of lab-based research being conducted here at the University of Oregon.

Website: Linguistics

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

Overview: The Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) Program allows full-time juniors and seniors in Education and related fields the opportunity to work as Research Fellows throughout the University of Oregon. Admission to the program is competitive. Accepted students will work as valued members of a research team and will be granted a tuition waiver for the academic year. This program is specifically designed to encourage undergraduates to continue their studies in graduate school with a commitment to research and the process of scientific inquiry.

Website: Undergraduate Research Fellowship

McNair Scholars Program

Overview: The McNair Scholars Program (TRiO) prepares qualified juniors and seniors for graduate study leading to PhD degrees. McNair Scholars receive comprehensive support to earn undergraduate degrees, complete research projects in their fields of study, and apply to graduate schools. The program’s limited size provides a close-knit community while helping students gain a broad understanding of research and university culture.

Website: McNair Scholars Program 

CURE Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Overview: The Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement offers $4,000 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships.

Website: Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement 

CURE Student Emergency Funding

Overview: A maximum of four students each year can receive up to $500 in emergency funding for research for special circumstances.

Website: Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement 

Anthropology Student Research Opportunities

Overview: The Association of Anthropology Graduate Students (AAGS) Research Opportunities and Mentorship Program provides  undergraduate students interested in conducting anthropology research opportunities to work with graduate students in the Department of Anthropology. The goal of the program is to promote undergraduate research and professional development through participation in graduate student research projects. We provide a venue for undergraduates to seek out current research projects and for graduate students to post their current research opportunities.

Website: AAGS Research Opportunities and Mentorship Program