Service Acknowledgments

FY2021 OVPRI Committee Members

Thank you for your service to enhance research and innovation at the University of Oregon. 

Name Title/Department
Adam Miller Assistant Professor, Biology
Adrianne Huxtable Associate Professor, Human Physiology
Alice Barkan Professor, Institute of Molecular Biology
Amanda Cook-Sneathen Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Andrew Gray Executive Director, Sponsored Project Services
Andy Karduna Professor and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Human Physiology
Angela Lin Senior Research Engineer, Knight Campus
Annette Estevez Research Associate, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Atika Khurana Associate Professor and Research Scientist at the Prevention Sicence Institute, Counseling Psychology and Human Services
Barry Perlman Anesthesiology Specialist
Ben McMorran Associate Professor, Physics
Benjamin Aleman Assistant Professor, Physics
Beth Stormshak Professor and Department Head of Counseling Psychology Program, Couseling Psychology
Brad Nolan Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Brandi Fleck Research Compliance Administrator, Research Compliance Services
Brendan Bohannan Professor, Biology
Brice Kuhl Associate Professor, Psychology
Brittney de Alicante Project Manager and Executive Assistant, OVPRI
Bruce Bowerman Professor and Department Head, Biology
Bryan Dearinger Associate General Counsel, Oregon General Counsel
Byron Hetrick Senior Research Associate, Human Physiology
Caitlin Alcorn Assistant Director, Research Compliance Services
Calin Plesa Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Carmaleta Aufderheide Prison Representative/Child Representative
Carol Stabile Professor and CAS Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Carolyn Craig Senior Research Compliance Admin, Research Compliance Services
Carrie McCurdy Associate Professor, Human Physiology
Charlie Stanton General Surgeon
Charlotte Alverson Research Assistant Professor, Secondary Special Education and Transition
Chris Duy Research Compliance Administrator, Research Compliance Services
Chris Minson Professor, Human Physiology
Christina Spicer Research Compliance Administrator, Research Compliance Services
Chuck Williams Associate Vice President for Innovation, Innovation Partnership Services
Claire Wachter Professor, School of Music and Dance
Claudia Vincent Research Associate, Center for Equity Promotion
Cris Niell Associate Professor, Biology
Dan Gavin Professor, Geography
Dan Grimes Assistant Professor, Biology
Dare Baldwin Professor, Psychology
Darren Johnson Professor and Associate Director of the Materials Science Institute, Chemistry and Biochemistry
David McCormick Professor and Director of the Institute of Neuroscience, Biology
David Rainwater Institutional Review Board Committee Member, Sponsored Project Services
Dean Mundy Assistant Professor, Public Relations
Deja Grant Accountant, Sponsored Project Services
Denise Niell Research Assistant Professor, Biology
Diana Libuda Assistant Professor, Biology
Elizabeth Tippett Associate Professor, Law
Ellen Herman Professor, History
Ellen Peters Director of the Center for Science Communication Research, Journalism and Communications
Emily Sylwestrak Assistant Professor, Biology
Erin McKenna Professor and Associate Head, Philosophy 
Erin Moore Associate Professor and Director, Architecture and Environmental Studies
Fred Sabb Assistant Vice President for Research Facilities, OVPRI
Gabe Paquette Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, History
Geraldine Moreno-Black Professor, Anthropology
Ghee Ong Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hailin Wang Professor, Physics
Hal Sadofsky Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences, Math
Hans Dreyer Associate Professor, Human Physiology
Harper Keeler Senior Instructor I, Architecture and Environmental Studies
Harry Wonham Divisional Dean, Humanities
Hollie Smith Assistant Professor, Journalism and Communications
Ian Greenhouse Assistant Professor, Human Physiology
James Prell Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jeffrey Ostler Professor, History
Jen Phillips Research Associate, Institute of Neuroscience
Jennifer Ablow Associate Professor, Psychology
Jennifer Pfeifer Professor, Psychology
Jerold Hawn Courtesy Professor, Human Physiology
Jessica Price Associate General Counsel, Oregon General Counsel
Jessica Vasquez Tokos Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sociology
John Holmes Adjunct Instructor, Philosophy
Jon Silvermoon Institutional Review Board Committee Member, Sponsored Project Services
Josef Defek Gwen and Charles Lillis Chair, Earth Sciences
Judith Eisen Professor, Biology
Julia Widom Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Julie Weise Associate Professor, History 
Jun Li Professor, Computer and Information Science
Karen Ford Professor and College of Arts and Sciences Dean of Faculty, English
Karl Reasoner Senior Program Manager, OVPRI
Kathleen Scalise Professor, Methodology, Policy and Leadership
Kathy Snell Attending Veterinarian, Animal Welfare Services
Ken Prehoda Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kirstin Sterner Associate Professor, Anthropology
Kory Russel Assistant Professor, Architecture and Environmental Studies
Krista Chronister Professor, Counseling Psychology and Human Services
Kurt Langworthy Facility Director, CAMCOR
Kyle Harshbarger Facilities Services Director, College of Design
Kyu-ho Ahn Associate Professor and Head of Department of Interior Architecture, Architecture
Laura Lee McIntyre Professor and Department Head of Special Education and Clinical Sciences, Psychology
Lauren Hallett Assistant Professor, Biology
Lillian Duran Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Special Education and Clinical Sciences
Lizzy Utterback Research Compliance Admin, Research Compliance Services
Lou Osternig Professor, Human Physiology
Mara Field Research Development Officer, Research Development Services
Marian Hettiaratchi Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mark Fleming Institutional Review Board Committee Member, Sponsored Project Services
Matt Hendrickson Chemical Safety Officer, Safety and Risk Services
Matt Streisfeld Associate Professor, Biology
Maureen Zalewski Regnier Associate Professor, Psychology
Megan Hooley Outreach Specialist, Prevention Science Institute
Melissa Gold Office Specialist, Research Core Business Services
Mike Haley Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mike Harms Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mike Pluth Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mike Wehr Associate Professor, Psychology
Monte Matthews Director, Animal Welfare Services and Terrestrial Animal Care Services
Nadia Signh Associate Professor and Associate Vice President for Research, Biology
Nash Unsworth Professor, Psychology
Nelson Ting Associate Professor, Anthropology
Nick Allen Professor and Director of the Center for Digital Mental Health and Clinical Training, Psychology
Nicole Giuliani Evergreen Assistant Professor, Special Education and Clinical Sciences
Nicole Ngo Associate Professor, Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Paul Peppis Professor and Director of Oregon Humanities Center, English
Paul Solomon Institutional Review Board Committee Member, Sponsored Project Services
Paul Wallace Professor, Earth Sciences
Phil Scher Professor and Divisional Dean for Social Sciences, Anthropology
Philip Washbourne Associate Professor, Biology
Qusheng Jin Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Raghu Parthasarathy Professor, Physics
Ramesh Jasti Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rebecca Lewis Associate Professor and Co-Director for the Institute for Policy Research and Engagement, Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Reed Kratka Nephrologist
Robert Mauro Associate Professor, Psychology
Ron Mitchell Professor, Political Science
Russell Melia Research Compliance Administrator, Research Compliance Services
Ryan Wilson Professor and Director, Accounting
Samantha Hopkins Professor, Earth Sciences
Santiago Jaramillo Associate Professor,  Biology
Seungahn Nah Professor, Journalism and Communication
Shannon Boettcher Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sheryl Johnson Director, Research Compliance Services
Steve Stuckmeyer Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Susan Belcher Senior Research Assistant, Research Greenhouse Operations
Susan Sokoloski Associate Professor and Director of Sports Product Design Program, Product Design
Sylvia Thompson Associate Professor, Special Education and Clinical Sciences
T. Bettina Cornwell Professor and Department Head, Marketing
Tim Gardner Associate Professor, Knight Campus
Tim Mason Director, Aquatic Animal Care Services
Ulrich Mayr Professor and Department Head, Psychology
Vera Keller Associate Professor, History
Vickie DeRose Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Warren Ginsberg Professor, English
Yu-bin Cho Research Compliance Administrator, Research Compliance Services
Yvonne Braun Professor and Associate Vice Provost of Academic Affairs for the Office of the Provost, Global Studies
Zoe Irons Graduate Teaching Fellow, Institute of Molecular Biology
Zoltan Varga Director of ZIRC, Institute of Neuroscience