Export Controls and Foreign Influence

The training resources on this site will assist you with:

  • Learning what red flags to look for to protect the UO and university employees.
  • How to determine if export controls may apply to your project, collaborators, or travel plans.
  • What to do if you think export controls apply.
  • Implications of foreign influence and what activities require disclosures.

If you have questions or concerns related to export controls, please email the Export Controls Officer to request a consultation.

On-Demand Trainings

Export Controls

US export controls exist to protect the national security and foreign policy interests of this country.  Export controls govern the shipment, transmission, or transfer of regulated items, information, and software to foreign countries, persons, or entities.  Please click on the "Access Online Materials" link above to route to the OVPRI's Export Controls resource page for a full overview, definitions, determination tools, and more.

Foreign Influence  (5 minutes)

We believe that collaborations across campus, across the region, and around the world are vital to the advancement of knowledge and innovation. While the University of Oregon strongly supports international collaboration and values our partners, it is important that everyone at the UO understand the current regulatory landscape and the importance of transparency. This session will describe when and how you should disclose any foreign component of your research including work conducted outside of the US or supported by a foreign entity.

At-Request Trainings

Our staff is available for consultations and to arrange customized training sessions for your team. Please contact exportcontrols@uoregon.edu to request a consultation.