Export Controls

Export control regulations govern the shipment, transmission, or transfer of regulated items, information, and software to foreign countries, persons, or entities.

Export control regulations apply to university research and scholarship when:

  • International employees, visiting scholars, or students conduct research at the UO
  • Employees travel abroad with research-related items, software, equipment, and/or information
  • Employees engage in collaborations with researchers, academics, organizations located outside the U.S.
  • Items, software, and/or information are shipped outside of the U.S.
  • Sponsored research contains clauses requiring confidentiality
  • A non-disclosure agreement is in place for an employee or the employee's unit

The above list is not exhaustive, but is representative of many scenarios on campus in which export control regulations apply. Please click a category in the buttons below to learn more about that specific topic. We encourage employees to email us with questions.

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Do I Need a License?

The UO must apply for and receive an export control license prior to engaging in the activity. Typically, few exports at the UO will require an export control license, and many situations at the UO will qualify for an exemption. The university must document its analysis, including the availability of an exemption, and departments should not undertake this analysis on their own.

Even if export control regulations may not apply, we encourage employees to request a compliance check on an international researcher, academic, or organization before engaging in a collaboration.

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Report a Research Security Concern

To report a research security concern, click the button below. Then, navigate to "Research" and select "Export Controls."

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