Limited Submissions

What is a Limited SubmissionSome extramural funding programs limit the number of applications that the University of Oregon may submit. Research Development Services facilitates the announcement of these limited submission opportunities and coordinates the internal review process to select the most competitive candidates.


The Process

  1. Confirm Eligibility. Read the funder's Request for Proposals carefully to determine eligibility and if the funding opportunity is a fit for the proposed project.
  2. Submit a Notice of Intent (in most cases). Anyone interested in being considered for most limited submission opportunities must complete the internal Notice of Intent to Submit (NOI) form by 5 pm on the date of the UO internal deadline.
  • Nearly all limited submission internal deadlines are posted in the RDS Funding Opportunities Newsletter, in Pivot, or highlighted below. For opportunities not listed in any of these places, interested parties should submit the Notice of Intent to Submit (NOI) as soon as possible to alert RDS to this opportunity. RDS will then publish an internal deadline in Pivot to initiate the limited submission process.
  • Some annual opportunities have significant faculty interest and so forgo the NOI, starting with a pre-proposal instead (e.g., NSF's Major Research Instrumentation, Pew Scholars, NEH's Summer Stipends). These special opportunities will be clearly defined in Pivot and the Funding Opportunities Newsletter

Individuals who submit an NOI will be notified within 2 business days of the internal deadline if they are approved for submission or if a competitive review is required.

A competitive review is required if more people are interested in applying than the funder allows or if the submission is institutionally coordinated (i.e., any application to a sponsor that must be pre-approved by OVPRI and/or Foundation Relations). In this instance, RDS will request pre-proposals from the people who submitted an NOI.

  • The pre-proposal is a brief concept paper about your proposed project that will be reviewed by a faculty panel. The pre-proposal is limited to 1 page, single-spaced, 1” margins, and minimum 11pt font (references, if applicable, are not included in the page limit).  At a minimum, this should describe the project aims, significance, the relevance between the proposed project and the program requirements, and PI and investigator team qualifications.  Applicants must also upload biosketches/CVs for the PI and other key personnel that meet the requirements in the funding opportunity application guidelines.
  • The faculty panel will review proposals and make recommendations to the Vice President for Research and Innovation, who selects the final institutional nominees.
  • RDS will notify all applicants of their proposal status as soon as possible.  

EXCEPTION - If a person requests to apply to a limited submission opportunity for which the internal deadline has passed, and the institutional nominee has not been selected because RDS did not receive any NOI submissions by the original deadline, RDS will run an expedited announcement and review process. RDS will re-announce the opportunity in the Funding Opportunities Newsletter and update Pivot with a new, accelerated deadline. In these instances where there is a competition, final institutional nominee selection will be determined by the Vice President for Research and Innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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