Proposals to Private Foundations and Corporations

Submitting proposals to private funding sources, such as foundations and corporations, requires UO applicants to follow policies and procedures in addition to the University’s proposal clearance process (EPCS). These policies apply to all requests for support, whether research, projects, programs, or development activities.

In order to avoid potential conflicts and improve our chances of securing funding, UO's Foundation Relations works closely with our Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) and Research Development Services (RDS) units to manage the contacts with private funders.

Expectations of Corporate and Private Funders

Corporations and private foundations have varied guidelines for how they wish to be approached by an institution as complex as the UO. Some funders place restrictions on the number of proposals that an institution can submit from UO at any one time (i.e., Limited Submissions), while others require that all communication be coordinated through UO's Foundation Relations. Occasionally, a funder will require an applicant have a 501(c)(3) status. In these cases, Foundation Relations serves as a liaison between the university and the UO Foundation in the submission, management, and reporting of grant awards.

Special Requirements for Proposals to Private Sources

Foundation Relations Approval

Before applying to some private and corporate funders, you will need approval from Foundation Relations prior to obtaining institutional clearance of proposals by SPS. Applications to these funders do still need institutional clearance through SPS. When in doubt, consult Foundation Relations or SPS.

List of Funders Requiring Foundation Relations Approval

Facilities and Administrative Charges

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) (also called indirect costs) should be included in a budget to private sources using the University's current, federally-negotiated rates unless:

  • the funding agency has a written policy of paying F&A costs at a rate less than the University's negotiated rate, and
  • applies this policy uniformly to all grantees of the agency. 
    • Applicants submitting a budget with a rate other than the negotiated rate must provide documentation of the agency's policy (a copy of program guidelines, policy statement or signed letter from agency) during the clearance process. 

Coordination with Sponsored Project Services and UO Foundation

Awards made by private sources may be received and administered by either the UO or the UO Foundation, depending on the nature of the award and the sponsor’s guidelines.

SPS reviews and clears grant and contract proposals to all private sources, including private and corporate foundations, corporations and other non-governmental agencies which make awards to either the University or the UO Foundation. 

Gift proposals do not normally require official clearance (unless the gift proposal seeks matching funds for a grant). For assistance in determining whether funding is a grant or a gift, contact your SPS Sponsored Projects Administrator or e-mail

Contact Foundation Relations

Vidusha Devasthali
Director, Foundation Relations
University of Oregon
PH: 541-346-5276