Proposal Development Support

Research Development Services assists faculty and others who seek external funding opportunities for their research. Whether it's an individual research grants, or a large, multi-institutional or interdisciplinary project, RDS staff are here to help.

RDS staff can assist you and your team in the following ways:

Finding funding

Understand funding guidelines by:

Improve your chances of grant success by:

  • Providing guidance on good grant writing practices
  • Advising on clarity, logic and organization of grant narrative
  • Reviewing, editing, critiquing proposal narrative and other materials
  • Editing and formatting biosketches, support letters, and cover letters
  • Coordinating and helping pay for external review of proposals
  • Providing funding for visualization and graphic design for proposals
  • Identifying collaborators both on and off campus
  • Assisting PI’s in obtaining sample proposals
  • Assisting with responses to reviewers

This is not an exhaustive list of how RDS can help you develop your proposals.  Contact us as early in your proposal development process as possible to take full advantage of our services.

For general inquiries about proposal development support, please fill out the request form below or contact us at​.