Proposal Writing Resources


New to grant writing? Or maybe just new to a particular funder? Follow these Dos and Don'ts to help guide you as you develop and write your proposal.
UO Boilerplate Language

Don't reinvent the wheel for your Facilities, Resources, or Background sections. Use boilerplate for many resources, such as Postdoctoral Mentoring Plans, and descriptions of Core Facilities, the Libraries, and more. 

RDS can help coordinate and pay for External Review of proposals by content experts, and for Visualization and Graphic Design for proposals.

We are committed to leading and supporting the development of grants to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion across the research enterprise. Use these resources to support proposal development for this type of funding.

Funder/Subject Area Guidance

Templates, Videos, and Other Resources

Resources for Graduate Students

Visit the graduate student resources page to learn about funding opportunities for dissertation work, travel to conferences, and other projects that pertain to students earning their masters or PhDs.