Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (COIRC)

The objective of the Conflict of Interest in Research Committee (COIRC) is to provide perspective on whether investigators' declared SFIs present actual, potential, or apparent financial conflicts of interest in the design, conduct, and/or reporting of sponsored research. The University of Oregon’s COIRC is composed of representative faculty members and administrative leadership from a variety of campus affiliations and backgrounds. The COIRC meets on the third Thursday of each month in 460 Tykeson Hall, and is responsible for the review of investigators who have disclosed an SFI determined by RCS to be a potential financial conflict of interest in sponsored research.

The COIRC reviews the investigators' SFIs, their institutional responsibilities, and their associated sponsored projects. If the committee determines that a financial conflict of interest in research (FCOIR) exists, the committee determines whether  a management plan can be created with steps to manage, reduce, or eliminate the FCOIR. The committee's determination regarding an FCOIR is communicated to the investigator by Research Compliance Services (RCS). The COIRC has final FCOIR determination and management authority. In instances of non-compliance with the UO's Financial Conflict of Interest in Research policy, the COIRC is also charged with conducting a retrospective review of circumstances and recommending mitigation steps and, if necessary, sanctions.

If you have questions, please contact Research Compliance Services.