Once a project ends, the closeout phase begins. The closeout phase is comprised of many activities including any required sponsor reporting and final invoicing, as well as internal UO actions. Depending on sponsor requirements, the required reporting and submission timelines may differ. SPS monitors awards that have ended to ensure we have met sponsor and university requirements prior to final closeout in our internal systems.

Final sponsor reporting may include the following items:

  • Final invoice
  • Final financial report
  • Invention statement
  • Final technical report

Please note that not all of these items may be required by the sponsor, and that deadlines will also differ depending on the sponsor and specific requirements of the award. Refer to your individual award documents for specific requirements and deadlines, and contact your Post-Award team if you have any questions about reporting. Sponsored Projects Services will compile, review, and submit final financials (invoices, financial reports, refunds, etc) as appropriate. Units should not submit any final financials to sponsors.

After final sponsor reporting is complete, there are internal UO processes that must be completed as part of final project closeout. These actions include the following, but additional actions may also be required:

  • Confirmation of final payment received
  • All required payroll certification reports are approved
  • BANNER accounts are balanced and closed

For any questions regarding the sponsor closeout requirements, or internal UO closeout procedures, please contact your Post-Award team.