Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

The UO encourages employees to engage in outside activities that advance the mission of the University. The UO has two distinct policies that require, under certain circumstances, disclosures of outside financial interests and outside activities to prevent or manage conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment. Sponsored researchers are subject to both policies. Research Compliance Services (RCS) supports compliance with both policies.

UO policy on Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities ("COI-COC policy") - applies to all UO employees. This policy is tied to Oregon State ethics laws, and was developed to support the UO mission and its employees while ensuring compliance with state statutes.

UO policy on Financial Conflict of Interest in Research ("FCOI policy") - applies only to individuals responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of sponsored research. This policy is tied to federal financial conflict of interest in research regulations, which have specific training and reporting requirements.

UO employees who are not seeking or receiving research funding  

Individuals who are not sponsored researchers, and who have an outside activity or interest that does or may require disclosure under the COI-COC policy, must complete a self-assessment form (available in Word and PDF). If you answer yes to any question or are unsure, submit the form to RCS at Click on the box below for more information about the policy and the disclosure process.

 Information for employees without funding

UO researchers applying for and/or receiving external research funding

Sponsored researchers must complete a Significant Financial Interest (SFI) declaration in EPCS. The COI-COC self-assessment form (available in Word and PDF) helps researchers determine whether they must also disclose an activity or interest under the COI-COC policy. Click on the box below for more information about the policies and instructions for how to satisfy requirements under both policies.

Information for sponsored researchers

For more information about state ethics laws that apply to all UO employees as public employees, visit the UO’s Ethics Office.

If you have questions, please contact Research Compliance Services at

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