Monitoring and Reporting


Project oversight and administration are key to a successful project.  Principal Investigators (PI) are responsible for the technical and financial health of their awards.  Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) and unit administrators support the PI to monitor and administer their awards. Administering units are expected to monitor the financial health of a project, and ensure that project expenditures are completed following all university and sponsor requirements. Please contact your Post Award Team for guidance.



Throughout the life of an award, most sponsors require technical and financial reporting from us to inform them of progress and certify expenditures. Technical reporting submissions are managed by the Principal Investigator, and financial report submissions are completed by the Post Award Team.  Many times, reports require collaboration between SPS and the unit, and it is important to exchange information timely.  In order to meet sponsor deadlines, information should be submitted to SPS a minimum of three business days prior to the report deadline.