Education Research and Related Social Sciences

The Institute for Education Sciences, the National Science Foundation's Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences, The Spencer Foundation, and many other funders provide support to social scientists and educational research investigators seeking external funding for their work. The page below provides resources to support these types of applications.

Resources & Services

Specialized Proposal Prep Resources
Internal UO resources available to help improve grant proposals
Ways to Improve Grant-Writing Skills
Resources to support the new grant-writer learning the style and technique for this specialized writing

Guides & Videos

This collection of articles, videos and documents provide a wealth of guidance for designing, writing and submitting an application for funding from social science and education research funders.

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

  • PEERS Data Hub: The data hub is a collaborative space for diverse education researchers and research communities to use wide-ranging data and advance knowledge through sharing innovative ideas, methods, and tools.
  • Education Research Funding Opportunities: This page provides information on the variety of funding opportunities through the AERA.
  • "Beyond AERA": As a service to AERA members and others in the education research community, Beyond AERA highlights selected items from materials available or received electronically regarding funding opportunities, calls for papers and manuscripts, upcoming conferences,  and other items of professional interest.

Institute for Educational Science (IES)

  • Introduction to IES: Watch this video for a quick overview of the agency and its focus areas. (5 min)
  • Applying for Funding from IES: This document comes from a PowerPoint presentation by an IES program officer and provides a full picture of IES structure and process for applying to grants from the agency.
  • After Submitting an IES Application: This video gives an overview of process IES uses when receiving and reviewing grants. (5 min) 
  • Application Review Details: This PDF gives a quick visual overview of the review process.
  • IES Peer Review Panel Discussions: Watch this video to better understand what happens during the peer view panel meeting when applications are ready to be discussed and scored. (7 minutes)
  • Panel Meeting: Review this PDF to see the activities that take place during the review panel meeting, when peer reviewers and IES officials come together to review grant applications.
  • Serving as an IES Peer Reviewer: This video will give you an idea of what the agency expects of its peer reviewers during the grant review process. (6 min)

National Science Foundation (NSF)

The Spencer Foundation

  • "How To" Guides: The Spencer Foundation has created several guides specific to being successful in a grant application to their foundation.
  • Review Process Infographic: This document provides a quick overview of the foundation's review process.
  • Webinar for Potential Applicants: Watch this webinar from the Spencer Foundation with information about current funding opportunities and tips for writing more effective proposals.