Research Contracts and Subawards

The training resources on this site will assist you with:

  • Understanding the difference between subrecipient and contractor relationships.
  • How to use the SPS subaward portal to request an amendment or new subagreement for a subrecipient.
  • How to monitor and process subawards.

We are available to provide personalized presentations. Please email us to request a consultation.


On-Demand Trainings

Subrecipient vs. contractor determination overview (15 minutes)

Do you know the difference between a subrecipient and paid contractor? Learn the rules and federal guidelines to make the determination and next steps to initiate the agreements at the UO in the short video linked above.

Subrecipient vs. Contractor Determination Handout

sps subaward portal: ideal-logic

Do you have a new sponsored award and need a subaward setup for subrecipients listed in the budget or an active subaward that needs to be extended or modified?  Please make the request through the SPS Agreement Portal.

If you need help setting up a subrecipient that is not already listed in the portal, please contact your post-award SPA team.