Reporting to the Sponsor

Performance/Technical Reporting

The main product of most university research is a written report or series of reports, and principal investigators (PIs) should ensure that reports are completed and submitted in a timely manner. Typically, sponsors require annual progress and final reports.  It is the responsibility of the PI to know sponsor requirements for performance reporting.

Reports should be prepared according to the instructions provided by the sponsor. If no specific format is provided, the PI should, at a minimum, provide a statement of progress in achieving the stated goals and a list of results (both positive and negative).

The three most common performance reporting problems are late submission, lack of completeness and inaccuracy. If delays beyond your control prevent a timely report, the sponsor should be notified and an extension requested.  Your Post Award Team can request an extension from the sponsor, please contact them ahead of the reporting deadline to make arrangements.

A copy of the final technical report should be submitted to Sponsored Projects Services (SPS), and a copy maintained by the unit as per UO record retention policy. Final reporting will vary by sponsor and award, and is typically outlined in the award documents. Frequently for Federal awards, reports are due within 90 days of the end date of the award, but this can vary be federal agency. For questions regarding reporting requirements, consult the award documents or contact your Post Award Team for guidance.

Delinquent reports may cause a sponsor to:

  • postpone action on further awards, continuations or extensions until all reports are received
  • withhold payment of invoices
  • suspend the award
  • request return of awarded funds