Self Reporting Updates to NIH Other Support

The NIH other support format page has been updated for application due dates and RPPR submissions on/after January 25, 2022 (See NOT-OD-21-073 / NOT-OD-21-110 for specific changes and details). This information is submitted with the proposal application to NIH, but there may be times when new sources of other support become relevant while an award is pending or during the project period. Those changes should be reported on an updated other support form and submitted to NIH, either using the JIT function while an award is pending or in eRA Commons during the project period.

How to Comply with NIH Other Support Reporting

Other Support Format

NIH Other Support page - contains links to FAQs, detailed instructions, and a sample

Disclose ALL active and pending sources of Other Support, including:

Sponsored projects/proposals (including projects not routed through UO or conducted as part of a non-UO appointment)

Active/pending sponsored project total award amount for all senior/key personnel

Note: For subawards, only the total subaward amount needs to be included

Enter your support entries so they are grouped together based on the "Status of Support" and are in the order of Active and Pending Support from top to bottom.

Other support does not include training awards, prizes, gifts or start-up support provided to the individual by UO.

External consulting, when an investigator will be involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of research as part of the consulting activities (e.g., work that may result in publication in an academic journal, designing a protocol, data analysis, serving on a steering committee for a clinical trial)

In-kind (i.e., non-monetary) resources

In-kind (non-monetary) resources are those that meet all the following criteria:

(1) Are not publicly/widely available, and (2)

  • Were provided by a non-UO entity (either domestic or foreign), and
  • Were provided in the past three years, and
  • Are not being used on the proposed project, and
  • Aside from the proposed project, are being actively used in support of any of an investigator’s other research endeavors.

In-kind resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Personnel (e.g., visiting scholars, visiting students, supported by a non-UO entity)
  • Space
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Supplies

Note: In-kind resources intended for use on the proposed project should be included as part of the 'Facilities and Other Resources' or 'Equipment' section of the application and not 'Other Support'

Supporting documentation

Provide English-language versions of any Other Support from entities outside the United States, including, but not limited to:

  • contracts
  • grants, and
  • any other agreements specific to appointments, affiliations, and/or employment with an institution or entity outside the U.S.

Note: Google translations, or similar, are acceptable but certified translations may be required upon request.

Electronic Signature

All investigators required to submit a revised Other Support document must electronically sign their respective documents using Adobe, DocuSign, or a similar service.

  • A typed name is not an electronic signature and is not acceptable.
  • Wet (ink) signatures are not acceptable.

For DGAs Assisting Their PIs

  1. Create the Other Support document and send it to the PI for electronic signature.
  2. After you receive the signed PDF back from the PI, you must flatten the PDF and upload it in eRA Commons.