Reporting an Innovation

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There are many reasons to disclose an innovation.

  • Research sponsors often require notification of inventions developed under their grants or contracts.
  • Disclosures help determine the rights you have for using, changing, and sharing your innovation when sponsored funding concludes.
  • Disclosures are the starting point for preparing patent searches and patent applications and for trademark or copyright registration.

Disclosures are submitted through the Innovator Portal, and you must login with your Duck ID.

When beginning a new disclosure, you must select the disclosure type. 

  1. Invention Disclosure: This type is for general inventions, ideas, and chemical or biological materials.
  2. Copyright Content Disclosure: This type is for copyrightable work, such as written content, websites, audio files, and videos.
  3. Software and Digital Media Disclosure: This type is for software and digital media.
  4. Research Tool Disclosure: This type is for research tools.
  5. Trademark Disclosure: This type is for requesting a trademark on a word(s), image, or logo.

The information you provide in the disclosure identifies the inventor, developer, researcher, or author. The disclosure also collects information regarding the type of innovation created and any obligations, such as sponsored research funds, we may have to funders of the work.

If you are a faculty or staff member in the College of Education, please contact the Associate Dean for Research before submitting a disclosure.

Submit an Innovation

If you have any difficulties with our Innovator Portal, please send us an email, and we will help you with the process.

Learn More About Innovation Disclosures and How to Use the Innovator Portal

Screenshots with instructions on how to use the Innovator Portal begin at 03:13.