What is the Research Administration Portal (RAP)?

The RAP will allow the UO to adopt more efficient research administration workflows that will help researchers improve their research capacity and provide a more transparent and seamless workflow. The system offers a single dashboard from which investigators will be able to effectively manage a range of research compliance activities including submissions that cover human subjects research, conflict of interest, grant submissions, effort reporting, and IACUC submissions.

What is the RAP IACUC?

The RAP IACUC tool is used by animal researchers and teams to submit animal use protocols, amendments, annual and triennial reviews, create and manage team procedures, research teams, and more.

What can I expect from the RAP IACUC tool?

Some features the new tool will offer are:

  • Improved visibility as to where your protocol is in the review process. When you log in, you will easily see if your protocol is in the pre-review state, being reviewed by the IACUC, or in post-review. 
  • Integration with third-party training platforms, such as CITI and AALAS, for easy management of training records and requirements. 
  • Infrastructure for a library of standard substances and procedures that supports IACUC review, versioning, and promoting research lab procedures to standard procedures. 
  • A comprehensive view of research lab teams that includes team members, trainings, substances, procedures, and protocols.

How do I learn more about RAP IACUC?

Visit the Research Administration Portal webpage.

How do I stay informed about this project?

Where can I submit questions, concerns, or feedback?