Appeal Process

If a protocol is disapproved, the researcher may not conduct the research and the Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) will provide, in writing, the reason for its decision. If the researcher is not satisfied with the decision of the CPHS or with the process by which a decision is rendered, the researcher will have the right to appeal the decision as follows:

  1. The investigator submits the grievance in writing to Research Compliance Services for forwarding to the chair of the CPHS.
  2. The chair discusses the grievance with members of the CPHS in an attempt to provide resolution.
  3. If the grievance cannot be resolved at step 2, the investigator may request a meeting with the CPHS, and may be accompanied by counsel or other persons with expertise or knowledge of research related to the procedures in questions.
  4. The CPHS may invite a faculty member who is not a member of the committee to act as an observer to the proceedings.
  5. Based on the findings of the CPHS, a final decision regarding the grievance will be made by a majority vote of the CPHS.