National Institutes of Health Grant Writing Resources


The mission of the National institutes Health (NIH) is to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.


Proposal Templates & Checklists

The buttons below will take you to a page with a checklist and templates based on the NIH  guidance for each component of a particular NIH grant mechanism. Use the templates to begin writing each element, and use the checklist to keep track of timing and what parties at UO are responsible for various pieces of an application.

Guidance & Resources

Targeted Support for Proposal Components
Information to help you complete specific parts of your application
Ways to Improve Grant-Writing Skills
Resources to support the new grant-writer learning the style and technique for this specialized writing
Specialized Proposal Prep Resources
Internal UO resources available to PIs to improve their proposals

NIH Videos

The NIH has produced significant content on various elements of the agency, proposal preparation, and merit review. 

Conference Videos

Brief Tutorials

  • eRA Commons Overview: An overview of eRA Commons, the IT infrastructure for managing NIH grants. All applicants must have an eRA account prior to proposal submission. (4 min)
  • How to Get a User ID for eRA Commons: HiIghlights the steps a institutional official takes to create your account in eRA Commons.  (2 min)
  • NIH RePORTER Tool: Learn RePORTER database is a repository of all grant-funded projects funded by the NIH. (5 min)
  • NIH Matchmaker: Learn about Matchmaker, an extension of the NIH RePorter system that makes it easy to find which Centers and Institutes have funded similar work to your proposed project and find the right program officers to contact before submitting your application. (3 min)
  • A Walk-through of the PHS Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Information Form: A walk-through filling out the PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials form, which is used to collect detailed study-level information for the protocols including in NIH applications. (6 min)

Research Development Services NIH Resources

  • NIH Specific Aims Video 2020: Watch this video to learn the art of writing the specific aims document for NIH grants, most important component of your application. (PDF of PowerPoint)
  • Writing your First NIH Proposal 2020: This PDF document provides slides of a PowerPoint presentation goes how to put together a grant proposa to the NIH. It covers resources available through RDS and the NIH, as well as essential grant writing tips.  
  • Data Management Planning 2019: This PDF document provides the slides of a PowerPoint presentation on developing a data management plan for your research projects.