Removing Overdrafts

Principal Investigators and unit administrators are responsible for monitoring their sponsored funds, and clearing any overdrafts.  Upon discovery, Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) staff will inform the PI and Department Grant Administrator (DGA) that an award is in deficit, and action must be taken.  

If additional funds are expected on a project, but have not yet been received, the PI should request pre-award spending approval to accept the risk of spending without funding.  If the project receives a new fund for each budget year, a new fund will be established in the accounting system to track the expenses on the next budget period.

The Post Award Team will assist the DGA and PI in the removal of expenditures.  It is critical that overdrafts be removed in a timely manner.  Funds in overdraft prevent routine invoicing in the accounting system and can create additional financial risk for the unit if funds cannot be collected from the sponsor.

If the department does not remove charges timely, SPS will move the charges to the unit's unrestricted fund or ICC return fund.