Who Must Receive Training

Principal Investigators (PIs), UO students, faculty, and staff must identify and comply with funding agency requirements related to RCR. Funding requirements vary; researchers must check with the funder/sponsor for specific requirements. RCR training is strongly recommended for all members of the UO community engaged in research. 

NIH and NSF have defined who must complete RCR training when receiving NIH and NSF awards:  

  • NIH 
    • Required for all trainees, fellows, participants, and scholars receiving support through any NIH institutional research training grant, career development award, fellowship award, research education grant, and dissertation research grant; or as otherwise stated in the relevant funding opportunity announcements. 
  • NSF 
    • Required for all undergraduate, graduate students, fellows, and post-doctoral researchers who will be supported by NSF awards (support includes salary or stipend).The RCR requirement flows down to all sub-awardees, including international organizations. Undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral researchers supported on the award to conduct research must be trained in the responsible conduct of research. 

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