Research Resources for Graduate Students

This page contains useful guides, tools, and resources for developing and writing grant applications, and navigating UO's internal processes for grant submissions.

If you have questions about any of these materials or aspects of applying for grants, or would like feedback on a proposal narrative, please contact Research Development Services.

Grant Writing Resources

Grant Webinars
Videos to help students at various funding search and application stages.
Ways to Improve Grant Writing Skills
Resources to support the new grant-writer learning the style and technique for this specialized writing
Specialized Proposal Prep Resources
Internal UO resources available to improve proposals

Disciplinary or Funder-Specific Resources

This collection of articles, videos and documents in the subject areas below provide a wealth of guidance for designing, writing and submitting grant applications to a variety of disciplines and funders.

Grant Planning and Application at UO

In order to be successful in a grant application, you must both understand the processes you'll be navigating at the UO as you prepare your application, and understand how long it can take to prepare. Below are a couple of resources to help.

If you want to take a deep dive into the application processes at UO, you can find detailed information on the OVPRI's webpage dedicated to preparing an application.