Funded and Sponsored Research

If your human subjects research is funded or sponsored, Research Compliance Services (RCS) must ensure the research activities described in the grant/funding proposal are consistent with the information in your protocol application. In order to avoid delays in award set-up and access to funds, it is imperative that awards administered by Sponsored Project Services (SPS) be formally associated with an approved human subjects protocol.

  • To associate funding during the initial review of the protocol, submit Funding and Sponsorship Form and the human subjects portion of the grant proposal with the initial review materials. See the Applications, Forms and Guidance website for a copy of the form. You will need to get the grant materials from EPCS or from SPS. 
  • To associate funding with an existing protocol, submit a Funding and Sponsorship Form and the human subjects portion of the grant proposal along with the Amendment Review Application materials. If the addition of funding alters previously approved human subject research activities, the amendment submission must include revised protocol information and materials, as applicable. Any proposed changes to previously approved research must be reviewed and approved prior to conducting the research activities and before the award can be released.
  • If participant involvement in your sponsored research is yet to be defined, an Approval-In-Principle (AIP) application may be appropriate. See our guidance for further information and considerations when requesting an AIP.

If you have questions, please contact Research Compliance Services.