Animal Welfare Services/IACUC

RAP IACUC Module Training Materials

PI & Lab Materials

Training Page Items in page Videos for items
General system navigation 
  • Intro to Building Blocks – Understanding the Organization of Research in Huron  

  • Navigate the IACUC Page & Dashboard  

  • Navigate the Protocol Dashboard  

  • View an Approved Submission 

  • View Standard Procedures and Substances

  • Track the review process

Personnel changes 
  • Create a Research Team 

  • Modify a Research Team  

  • Add Study Staff  

Create/Modify a Team Procedure 
  • Make a New Version of a Team Procedure

Adding a Substance
  • Add a substance 

Create an amendment
  • Create an amendment 

  • Start an annual renewal

  • Start a de novo renewal

Submit a protocol
  • Make a new protocol

  • Copy a protocol to revise and submit as a new protocol

View and Respond to IACUC Questions
  • View pre-review comments

  • View DMR & VVC comments 

Create a concern
  • Create a concern in and out of RAP
How to enter training
  • Contact the IACUC Office. This requires special permissions in the system
  • Respond to and complete a corrective action

IACUC Committee Member Review

Training page topics covered video links
Review and Enter comments
  • Review a Submission 

  • Make comments 

  • DMR

  • FCR

VVC Process
  • VVC
  • Vet Consult
Meeting Materials
  • Agenda

  • Minutes

  • Procedures & Protocols

  • Other agenda items

IACUC Office
  • Internal training items
  • Creating inspections and recording findings
  • Complete the inspection
  • Complete the corrective actions


Please contact with questions about trainings and educational opportunities.